What to Expect During a Teeth Whitening Session?

White teeth are one of those winning things which can leave a lasting impression on anybody that you meet.  A great smile with gleaming white teeth can work in our favor in every aspect of life,  professional or personal.  On the other hand, if you have discolored teeth,  it can lead to shaken confidence and a hesitant social life.  If you want to add spark to your smile,  you can consider teeth whitening sessions with your dentist.  While it might not be one of those essential parts of your dental visit,  it is surely a grooming experience that will bring results from the first session itself.  If you are considering visiting a dentist in North York, you can certainly talk to your dentist about getting your teeth whitened.  If you are new to this,  listed below are some of the things that you can expect during a teeth whitening session.

Before Treatment

During Treatment

Before you start your whitening session, you will receive a dental cleaning in which any kind of plaque or tartar stains is removed from your teeth.  Once that is done and your teeth are more or less clean,  your professionals will put gauze in your mouth to keep it dry. A protective barrier is applied to your teeth first, after which a whitening gel will be administered. Your dentist will also use retractors to help keep the sensitive areas of your mouth from coming into contact with the gel.  A special kind of light is used on your teeth after that to activate the gel.  This will provide faster and better results.  The teeth whitening treatment is completely painless however you might feel a slight tingling or a sense of warmth from the light.  After the procedure, your teeth will be rinsed,  and you will be able to spot your new whiter smile.

After Treatment

The good thing is that teeth whitening is painless and not super invasive,  but it is one of those things that brings maximum impact.  You will instantly notice the charm it adds to your smile,  and it will surely make you confident in all of your social interactions.  Whether it is on the professional ground or in your inner social circle,  you can be guaranteed that your smile will bring an added allure to your personality.

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