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All About Parisbased Deepki 150m

Parisbased Deepki 150m is a company that offers service and products to both individuals and commercial customers. They are specialists in construction, repair and maintenance of residential buildings, with a particular focus on homes and apartments.

This post contains information about the company, their services, as well as how to contact them in order to receive more information or submit an enquiry for work.

Company Name : Deepki

Country: France

Listed in: Construction, Repair and Maintenance – Plumbing and Heating Specialists

Area of Operation: National

Telephone Number: (33) 06 35 37 99 66

Deepki’s Service are based on the following activities:-

Kerbside drainage repairs, sewer repairs, underground water leaks repair, kerb stone replacement, gully cleaning and disgorging service.

Deepki is an approved provider for big insurance companies. Some of them are: AXA, Groupama, MGEN, MAAF Assurance, MAIF Assurance etc.

Deepki is a member of both the French GIE and SDEIS.

Brick repairs (Jointing works), Flat roof repairs, Roof terrace drainage systems, Facades & waterproofing works and Repairs to listed buildings…

Anode replacement for SD5 and SD6 housings in seawater-water supply installations. Underground water leaks detection service.

Rebuilding window installations, i.e. sash replacement of PVC windows and wood windows.

Replacement of damaged internal and external doors and shutters.

Repairing damaged tiles in PVC roofs…

Performing the following tasks: installation, maintenance and repairs to showers, bathtubs, faucets and basins…

Wooden flooring installation & repairs in termite-proof parquet wood.. Flat roofs & waterproofing …

Repair works on mansarda types…

Deepki is part of ‘L’Association Nationale des Intervenants en Réparation d’Appareils Sanitaire et Chauffage’.

Deepki, the company that offers a broad range of high-quality repair services to households and business owners.

Ensure all electrical appliances are working correctly and efficiently.

Fitted furniture and kitchens.

Renovation works.

General maintenance of appliances.

Cancelation of gas installations, gas safety certificate issue and verification on the installation.

Gas pipe installation and replacement, hot water installations and repair, electric power installations and repair.

Providing a specialist services to companies in the following fields: home lighting, electrical switchboards, fire alarm systems etc…

Bathroom installations & repairs – tiles laying & repairs – kitchens & fitted furniture…

Minor works and repairs on domestic buildings, i.e. brick and stone replacement…

Installation, maintenance and repairs to hot water installations and related plumbing systems in bathrooms, kitchens, wash rooms.

Installation of: lavatories, urinals, baths, WCs…

Drainage repairs for sewers (mains), soakaways (slips), cesspits and cesspools. Installation of asphalted surfaces.

Installation of copper pipes and fittings, electric power installations and repairs.

Providing technical assistance to international clients in the following fields:- Home lighting installations – electrical switchboards – fire alarms systems – solar panels – domestic fencing – laundry rooms and storage space – heating systems – mirrors, light fittings and kitchen equipment…

Anticoagulation, hemodialysis and on-line maintenance for patients undergoing these procedures within their own homes.

Renovation of bathrooms, kitchens and fitted furniture.

Replacing damaged wiring systems in order to avoid any electrical risks.

Installation of: Water supply installations – Drainage installations – Patio slabs…

Earth excavation for small construction projects, i.e. building a new house, adding onto a home etc…

Installation and repairs of air conditioning units…

Preparation for plastering – removal of coatings – installation work – rendering …

The company specialises in the following fields: – Dismantling and removing of asbestos – Parging work (rendering) – Plastering, long cut techniques and restoration works

Installation, maintenance and repairs to the following equipment: Gas boilers – Oil boilers – Hot water installations – Solar panels…

Laying of floor coverings.

Renovation works and decoration of your property.

New buildings construction & repairs – Renovation & decoration – Brickwork & masonry …



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