10 Best Social Media Marketing Platforms For 2022

Jason Markey

Social media marketing has proven to be one of the ways by which small and big businesses can increase their reach and even go beyond their host country. Social media marketing has contributed immensely to the growth of businesses and no doubt, its use cannot be overemphasized. 

One thing to note about digital marketing is that it takes social media platforms to reach those in your vicinity and even those outside your vicinity.

Do you want to find out some of the best social media marketing platforms for 2022? In this article, you will get to find out the platforms and the reach that they have.

Best Social Media Marketing Platforms 2022

Note that this is an accurate statistics based on how many active users they have and how many people they are able to reach out to.


First on the list is Facebook, owned by her parent company; Meta. Facebook is a social media platform that allows you to upload both visual and written contents. It also works with a model where you can interact with the people you have on your friend list. As of now, they have over 2.9 billion active users and is regarded to be the best social media platform for marketing.


YouTube is an app that is based majorly on video content. If you look forward to seeing any kind of video at all then you should visit YouTube. It’s owned by Google and can be used as a marketing platform for businesses. The have a total of 2.2 billion active users 


WhatsApp is a social media platform that was designed majorly for texting but with the advent of things, it has become a big business hub where you can showcase products and services. They have a total of 2 billion active users.


Instagram is an application owned by Meta. It encourages upload of video and graphical representations Andis a good hub to showcase products. They have a total of 2 billion active users presently.

Facebook messenger

Over the years, Facebook messenger has proven to be one of the means by which people seal business deals even without getting to meet physically. They have an active users base of 1.35 billion.


This application is owned by a Chinese tech company who are concerned about people achieving their business goals through end to end conversations. They have an active user base of 1.26 billion.


In recent times, this application is regarded to be the fastest growing because its features enables you to showcase your brand using videos and latest trends. They have a total of 1 billion active users.

Sina Weibo

This is a Chinese company that also aids quality social interaction. They have a total client base of 573 million.


This is another Chinese tech owned social media platform that has improved its features over the years for quality social interaction. They have a total of 538 million active users.


Telegram is a messaging app with good features for business interactions. They have a total of 550 million active users.

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