5 Crucial Things to Do As You Attain AA Meeting in Florida


When you decide to quit alcohol you must make certain changes in your life. The first thing to change is your peer group. You can’t be hanging out with alcohol buddies; not yet. You can when you reach a level of sobriety wherein you are strong enough to say ‘no’ to alcohol. You drink a mocktail, while your friends have their hard drinks. 

It is possible to reach this level. But as of now, it’s best to stay away from alcohol friends, especially the addicts. There is a difference between drinking sanely and being an alcoholic. 

The second thing to do is search for “Alcoholic Anonymous meetings near me.” 

Why a meeting? 

Meetings give you a platform to express yourselves. This goes a long way in emotional healing. You need people who can understand you; people who are sailing in the same boat as you. You also meet people who have successfully quit drinking and are here to help others do the same. 

This environment motivates you to become sober. You realize: that if others can quit alcohol, you can too. 

While you attend AA meetings, it is vital to tweak your lifestyle in favor of non-alcoholic ways. 

Experts suggest doing the following things, along with attending meetings:

1. Make new sober friends

As mentioned in the beginning, you must drop your alcoholic friends and mingle with sober people. 

A meeting is a great platform to find sober friends. 

2. Eat healthy

Alcohol takes a toll on health. People hardly eat nutritious when they are drunk. As you stop drinking, you must eat a nutritious diet. This will help you regain your health and also help to cope with withdrawal symptoms. A healthy body is more receptive to healing. 

3. Contact a therapist or a doctor

As you attend local AA meetings, you can also contact a therapist in case you find it difficult to deal with your emotional side. This holds particularly true if you are feeling more depressed lately. 

You must also consult a doctor, if you suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Some hardcore alcohol addicts may need an exclusive rehabilitation program, while others can do with an outpatient recovery program. Meanwhile, you can continue attending meetings. 

4. Exercise

You might wonder what exercise has to do with quitting alcohol. According to doctors, exercise increases blood circulation in the body and induces the brain to release happy hormones. 

Being an alcoholic, your brain is programmed to release happy hormones when it gets alcohol. Now is the time to re-program your brain. The idea is to create a state of bliss with exercise so that you need no alcohol to find bliss. 

Attend an AA meeting in Florida after a workout session and feel the difference. 

5. Read more motivational thoughts, articles, and books  

Although the 12-step program of AA in itself is a comprehensive self-help package, reading motivational literature makes you stronger in your sobriety resolve. As you perform each step, the inspirational literature would help you keep moving ahead on your sobriety path. Also, learn about the 12 traditions of AA

A combination of AA and the above tips can create a dramatic shift in your life.

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