5 Reasons To Switch To IT Outsourcing


it outsourcing

The efficiency of the company can be significantly increased with the help of custom software customized for specific tasks. To create it, specialists will be required, and it does not always make sense to hire them. You transfer the development to professionals and are not distracted from your core business.

The market is growing

According to TAdviser, IT outsourcing is the most steadily growing segment of the IT services market. According to experts, the same is expected in the coming years. Even at CIO conferences, you will meet several professionals who are working as consultants.

Why do you need it?

1. Competitiveness

Companies that specialize in software development will be able to provide high-quality results in a shorter time. Programmers work on an hourly basis and do not waste time, which will allow you to bring your product to market faster than your competitors.

2. Save time and money

You do not need to immediately pay for all the work – you negotiate with the company the terms of intermediate payments. You save time and money that you would spend on recruiting, hiring, training, and providing jobs for short-term projects.

3. Risk reduction

Choose a reliable company that values ​​its reputation. They will take technical risks and provide a guarantee for the result. The work will be completed according to the agreed schedule with clear deadlines.

4. Use of advanced technology

IT companies compete with each other, and it is vital for them to develop, follow web development trends, and master new tools and technologies. When choosing to outsource, you can count on an expert approach to development.

5. Short term hire

You get 2-in-1: qualified employees with the required skills and pay based on the need. You will not only significantly reduce costs, but you can easily end the cooperation when the project is completed.

How to choose a company for IT outsourcing?

Start with ratings, and select candidates according to three main criteria: experience, process and price.

1. Experience

How long has the company been on the market? Do you have experience in implementing projects for your industry? If the answers are yes, then in addition to the main bonuses, the development company will quickly get the job done and also help you avoid common mistakes associated with software implementation.

2. Process

Software development is a long process. Therefore, you need to make sure that all stages of development are explained and understood. A common vision and comfortable communication is the key to success.

3. Price

Don’t chase the low price! If the price tag is 30-50% lower than the market average, this is a reason for doubt. Having initially saved on development, you can later spend a lot on fixing bugs and flaws. When concluding a contract, the type of contract is usually stipulated (hourly pay for the hours actually worked or a fixed price for the entire contract), the procedure for settlements, and the amount of prepayment.

Use our advice and we are sure that your cooperation will exceed your expectations!

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