6 Best Multifunctional Wearable Devices


Best Multifunctional Wearable Devices

The modern man primarily appreciates mobility and functionality. The accessories he uses must also comply with this requirement. Smart watches, mobile computers, augmented reality glasses – all these are not just popular, but already necessary devices today. In our review of the 6 best wearable devices that will be useful to those who appreciate comfort.

Smartwatch-Phone- Neptune Duo

Neptune Duo is a compact mobile computer that consists of two parts: a smartwatch and a dedicated smartphone. With regards to the filling, this model received a powerful four-core processor. Synchronization with other devices occurs directly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless modules. It is also worth noting that this gadget operates under the Android OS.

Augmented Reality Glasses- SmartEyeglass

SmartEyeglass Developer Edition is a new revolutionary augmented reality glasses that were made by Japanese engineers from the world-famous Sony company. It is worth noting that this model is equipped with many useful functions, several of them are light sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. The device also has a miniature 3-megapixel camera for recording videos and taking pictures.

Multipurpose Wrist Watch- LG Watch Urbane

The LG Watch Urbane is a new functional smartwatch with an elegant and classic design. Just like Huawei GT 3 pro, the main feature of this LG wristwatch is that it is absolutely safe when it gets in direct contact with water and dust. It is also worth noting that the body of the gadget is also shockproof. With regards to the filling, it has a powerful quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor and 512 megabytes of RAM. 

To sync with other devices, Watch Urbane uses standard modules such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The novelty is powered by a built-in battery with a capacity of 410 mAh, capable of ensuring stable operation of the instance for two days.

Second Generation Of Smart Glasses- Google Glass 2

Google Glass 2 is an improved second generation of smart multipurpose glasses that are more affordable and functional. The novelty is equipped with a powerful dual-core processor TI OMAP 4430 with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, and the amount of internal memory is as much as 16 gigabytes. 

Also, the model is equipped with standard two modules for wireless data transmission Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As for power, the device is equipped with a miniature rechargeable battery with a capacity of 570 mAh.

Multifunctional Smartwatch- Samsung Orbis

Samsung Orbis is a multifunctional smartwatch that can please its owner with a large number of useful options and a convenient control wheel. It is also worth noting that this device is the first model from the Smart Watch line from Samsung to receive a round display. As for the filling, the gadget has a powerful Exynos 7420 processor and high-speed eight cores, and the novelty can use wireless data transfer technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect with smartphones and tablets.

Functional Watch- Omate Racer X VMK

Omate Racer X VMK is a new functional smartwatch model that was released in just 50,000 pieces. It is worth noting that the novelty was made by a rather young, but actively advancing in its business, VMK company. The Omate Racer X VMK is priced at approximately $99.

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