7 Interactive Fitness Equipment that is widely used in youth fitness centers


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Interactive fitness equipment is used extensively for youth fitness programs in fitness centers, schools, YMCAs, and Boys & Girls Clubs. Interactive fitness equipment is an important tool for exergaming, which has effectively kept young adults and teenagers active. To break youngsters’ sedentary habits, we merge gaming activities with exergaming machines. Thus, youngsters can work out and play to cultivate an active lifestyle.

Promoting teen fitness has become challenging since smartphones and gaming stations became easily accessible. The social networking generation has become socially awkward regarding physical interaction. Exergaming equipment at youth fitness centers used for Boys & girls club teen fitness programs also helps with youngsters’ social skills. 

Given below are 7 Interactive Fitness Equipment 

Reax Boxe

The Relaxed Box is powered by Reax Light technology and has six colors of lights. An individual or up to 6 persons can exercise with the Reaxe Boxe at a time. The Relaxed Boxe exercises promote reactivity, speed, cogitative function, and cardiovascular fitness. This equipment is great for kickboxing workouts as the athlete punches and kicks the various hued lights to perform actions such as high kick, low kick, punch, and knee. Aside from this, we can also design other custom workouts around the Reaxe Boxe. The equipment has pre-configured programs and a 7-inch touchscreen to select the games, record statistics, and manage the equipment.

SMARTfit MultiStation

The SMARTfit Multistation is a group physical fitness activity solution that promotes youth fitness and team-building among teenagers. You can link four separate stations at a time, and can accommodate up to twelve members at each station. Over 74 preloaded activities on the station will improve speed and agility. Trainers can create their range of workouts and create age-appropriate custom regimes. 

Railyard Fitness Obstacle Course

Railyard fitness obstacle course offers full-body functional training mimicking body movements for musculoskeletal mobility. The Railyard comes with 9-inch and 18-inch platforms and 7 feet rails for balance-building games. We can incline the rails at various levels to design different challenges and productivity games. They are used for indoor and outdoor workouts in Boys & girls club teen fitness programs. 

Superior Rock Traverse Wall

This climbing wall comes with panels molded from rocks found along the north shore of Lake Superior, from which it gets its name. Thus, it offers the look, feel, and experience of climbing real rock. The wall is traversed sideways, so in places where you cannot install the full-length wall, youngsters can have the rock-climbing experience traversing sideways. 

Web Racing with virtual Peloton

Web racing with the virtual peloton comes with up to 32 interactive exercise bikes that you can hook to a single system for group cardio sessions. Athletes can ride on a single screen to race as a team or individually. The graphics, 3D simulated terrains, and courses completely engage the rider for long races. 

IDance 2 Wireless Dance & Step

Dance has proven to be a complete body workout that is fun and engages youngsters for hours. IDance 2 comes with a wide music catalog along with new songs and updates to keep the playlist current. Trainers can add up to 32 dance pads for users who can participate in dance-offs in large groups. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities, and youngsters of all age groups can dance together. The equipment gives real-time player performance reports; with the wireless data transmission, you can record an individual player report. 

Lu Interactive Playground

The Lu Interactive Playground setup has a 3D camera, light, and sound system. In a large open room, the 3D camera system turns a wall or the floor into touchscreens that can detect multiple objects. The ambient lighting and powerful sound system give a completely immersive gaming experience. The system has multiple games that you can play in large groups. These include video games and sporting games. 

There is much more exergaming equipment used by sports centers that keep promoting active engagement among the youth. 

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