7 Key Pointers To Remember While Drafting An Email Resume


Almost all employers expect a resume to be sent through email. But when it comes to email, there are a million things that could go wrong. From typing a bunch of typos to sending the email to an incorrect mail address. Most of these errors might even cost you your dream job!. Though we take a great deal of time to assess the email draft for any possible slip-ups, we might still fall short. But as a matter of fact, all these can be avoided.

Most of the errors occur solely when equal importance to all the parts of the email is not given. Make sure to attach all the documents that were asked for. Follow the recruiter’s instructions on how to submit the necessary documents. The documents must be submitted in the format that was mentioned in the instructions. Avoid using short forms, emojis, and irrelevant wordings. The recruiters have a keen eye for mistakes, when they notice a small spelling error, there are chances for them to not move forward with the resume as it might infuriate them. This is a common behavior, as they will have to evaluate hundreds of emails.

Make use of an online resume maker or some similar tools to make your resume stand out. There are so many websites and mobile applications that can be used to create a resume. Make sure all the details entered are up to date and that it contains no incorrect information. One common mistake carried out by job seekers is that they have the same resume for all the jobs they wish to apply for. Every resume must be altered according to different job roles and different job descriptions.  

7 Key Pointers To Note

The following seven points should be considered while drafting an email resume. These points play a major role in producing a mail with a satisfactory outcome. Always take into consideration these key pointers while composing an email.

1. Captivating Subject Line

Never leave your subject line empty. Make sure the subject line is innovative and eye-catchy. The subject line could be phrased with short words.

2. Well Structured email Body

The email body should contain a brief introduction about the sender in an energetic or enthusiastic manner. It should have information about who you are, and the reason behind sending the mail. It should not directly contain the attachments. Make sure to mention your great qualities that fit the job description. Get right to the point without any irrelevant messages.

3. Mention your Contact Details

Apart from the mail address, it is necessary to add contact details like a mobile number to the body of the email. Send the mail within the deadline. Stick to the professional format.

4. Follow Instructions

Follow the instructions that are given to send the mail. Make sure all the criteria are met before sending the mail. Go through the guidelines or instructions several times to understand exactly what the recruiters are expecting.

5. Addressing And Regards

The Recruiter must be addressed in the right manner. The recruiter must be greeted and can sometimes be addressed with their first name as well. And towards the end enclose the mail politely by thanking the recruiter and adding the contact details.

6. Appropriate Attachments

The right document must be attached and it should be labeled appropriately. The data provided in the resume should be valid. If you attach your resume to the email, remember that the employer can see the name of the document, so include your name in the title so that the employer will know who you are. For instance, you could name your resume “Firstname_Lastname_Resume”. Submit the documents in the format that is mentioned in the set of guidelines.

7. Re-Check

Re-evaluate the mail before sending the mail. Check for any wrong spellings, check whether the mail address is correct, and make sure the attachments contain the right information. Go through the drafted copy more than once to find any silly mistakes.   

Sample Of The Mail Containing The Resume

  • “An Eloquent speaker seeking a Senior Reporter Job Role”. – Subject line
  • “Respectful or Dear (First name of the recruiter or Recruiter)”
  • “A bold speaker with four years of experience in anchoring and two years of experience as a news reporter. I am a multilingual person with a great passion for slogan writing.” – Body of the email.
  • “Mention all the details that were asked”.
  • “Faithfully (name of the sender) or Sincerely OR attaching the scanned signature”.
  • “Document attachments”.

Things To Consider

  • Make sure the mail address is appropriate.
  • Check the mail for any spelling mistakes.
  • Proofread the mail before sending.
  • Make sure it has all the necessary details.
  • Make the mail sound professional.
  • Make sure to attach the right file.
  • View samples before drafting.
  • Attach the URL of the LinkedIn profile, if possible.
  • Be straightforward in the body of the mail.
  • Keep the mail simple.
  • Avoid irrelevant content.


These are some of the key factors that should be taken into consideration while composing a professional mail. Make sure to incorporate all the required details that were asked by the recruiters. Enforcing these pointers will enable the mail to stand out amidst all the other regular ones. Most importantly these pointers are not the only features that must be focused on. There are other features and formats as well. Go through various samples before drafting the final mail in order to get a clear understanding and all the alternative ways that can be considered to make the mail stand out. To make your resume better, you can take the help of a free online resume builder.

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