8 Tips For Finding the Right Buyer’s Agent

Jason Markey

Buying a new home is one great feeling everyone prays to experience. Having someone help you through the bottlenecks and stress is also ideal. 

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That’s why you have a buyer’s agent. Someone stands for you and relays your interest to the seller. Unlike the conventional buyer-seller relationship, hiring a buyer’s agent will save you the time and stress of scouting and negotiating with sellers. 

You want to know who or what a buyer’s agent is. Here’s the answer.

Who/What Is  Buyers’ Agent?

A buyers’ agent is someone who helps you find the right home that meets your needs. A buyers’ agent serves as your representative when you intend to purchase a house. 

The good thing about hiring a buyers’ agent is that it usually adds no additional cost to your budget. Here’s why? The commission received after the purchase of your house is shared between the seller’s agent and the buyers’ agent. This saves you a lot of time.  

Let’s go deeper. 

8 Tips for Finding The Right Buyer’s Agent

  1. Do Research on your preferred region. 

Before hiring a buyer’s agent, it is good you have a clear idea of your chosen location. While researching, check out for places with proximity to the road, price range, school district, architecture style, and house size, among other key things. 

This will serve as a guide to your buyer’s agent when scouting for a house. 

  1. Read Reviews

Customers will always share their intense experiences with a buyer’s agent. Always go through their portfolio on a real estate site and critically read reviews. 

Beyond reviews, you can ask your agent of his previous clients, their testimonial will serve as an endorsement. 

  1. Availability

Consider hiring an agent who is accessible when needed. Do not go for the too-busy type who may not spend time planning according to your needs. 

An agent who’s accessible will hasten the process of purchasing your dream home. 

  1. Communication Skills

Hire a buyer’s agent with good communication skills because you’ll spend time with them. 

Ask about the favorable means of communication, whether it’s with a text, a mail, or a phone call. 

Don’t go for an agent who hides certain information that you need. 

  1. Don’t Bank on One Agent.

Avoid putting all eggs in one basket. This tip will save you the pain of getting disappointed after banking on one agent.

So it’s advisable to interview at least three buyer’s agents. When selecting the best, don’t settle for someone you can manage. Instead, look out for the best. Also, trust your guts. First impressions matter a lot. 

  1. Lookout for Experience

An experienced buyer’s agent will be in a good position to understand and meet your home needs. Hire a buyer’s agent who knows the region you love to live in. 

  1. Have an Agreement 

As most buyer’s agents do not request any fee for the transaction, it is important to have a legal written agreement on the fees required, if any. This is to avoid any hidden charges. 

  1. Ask About Their Relationships with other agents. 

Having more connections with other agents is a great advantage because it gives easy access to purchase your desired property.

Inquire about their real estate lawyers and home inspectors and whether they stand solely as buyer’s agents. This will help you close a quick deal. 


It’s everyone’s dream to own a house and their wish to work with a good buyer’s agent. 

While scouting for a good buyer’s agent, look critically and don’t be in haste to get one. These tips will help you get a buyer’s agent in no time.

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