Friday, June 2, 2023

A Brief Guide on IOSH Managing Safely Exam    

The IOSH Managing Safely Course from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has recently been modified to offer deeper insights for efficient management of workplace safety. This highly practical course will give managers and supervisors the knowledge and abilities to effectively address workplace health and safety issues in any organisation or industry.  

It covers a wide range of topics to demonstrate how safety carelessness affects an organisation’s reputation using pertinent case studies and in-the-moment examples. Additionally, it emphasises the importance of including health and safety in the scope of their duties. This blog will examine some of the most frequently requested IOSH Managing Safely exam questions and offer valuable advice and resources to help you master the test. 

    Table of Contents 

  1. IOSH Managing Safely Exam  
  2. Explain the IOSH Managing Safely Risk Assessment?  
  3. How difficult is the IOSH Managing Safely Exam?   
  4. When is the Exam?   
  5. What Do You Need to Pass IOSH Managing Safely Exam?   
  6. IOSH Managing Safely Exam Questions   
  7. What happens if you fail the IOSH Managing Safely Exam?   
  8. Conclusion   

IOSH Managing Safely Exam   

IOSH Managing Safely Exam is an assessment for individuals at the end of their IOSH course after completing all three days of the module. Complete beginners or minimally experienced individuals can also take this examination.   

According to a Health and Safety Executive study, approximately 80 per cent of companies have documented their health and safety procedures, and over 83 per cent train their staff for safety duties. This blog will explore some of the most frequently asked IOSH Managing Safely exam questions and provide helpful resources to help you ace the exam. 

What is the IOSH Managing Safely Risk Assessment?    

The practical section of the course is the risk assessment project, and it assesses your capacity to put what you’ve learned into practice in a practical setting.  

You must conduct a risk analysis at the workplace of your choosing. You must choose four distinct dangers from the IOSH Managing Safely course categories: 

  • Environmental 
  • Biological 
  • Organisational  
  • Mechanical 
  • Physical 
  • Chemical 

For each of your identified hazards, you need to decide: 

  • Likelihood of an event occurring 
  • Who might be harmed 
  • Actions 
  • Control measures 

You then need to record your findings in a table provided – that’s it! We’ve further broken down exactly what to include in each of these sections. 

How hard is the IOSH Managing Safely Exam?  

You will have spent three days studying everything you need to know before taking the IOSH Managing Safely exam. You will be equipped to tackle the exam’s questions. Like any other exam, it comes with the usual anxieties. It will be difficult, but there are many good reasons to be confident: 

  • It is seen as a prerequisite: It’s a level two course designed with novices in mind. 
  • You are significantly more knowledgeable than a total novice: You successfully attended a three-day intensive course under the direction of an industry professional; both of you are knowledgeable in your field. 
  • Everyone is welcome: No prior knowledge of health and safety is required. Anyone can enrol in the course, regardless of industry or job level. 
  • You have real-world experience: Even though you haven’t yet returned to work, you are aware of the impact that managing safely may have on health and safety. 

 When is the Exam?   

The final exam of your course is on the third day. Since you can sign up for the Managing Safely courses at any time of the year, you can plan your schedule around studying and taking exams. 

 What Do You Need to Pass IOSH Managing Safely Exam?  

You must pass the practical work-based risk assessment and the multiple-choice/short-answer exam to pass the IOSH Managing Safely exam and receive your certificate. 

   Multiple-Choice Knowledge Test   Risk Assessment Practical
  Minimum Mark Required     36/60     23/38  
  Maximum Mark Obtainable     60     60  

There is no reason why you cannot join the thousands of learners who have achieved far above 90%, if you have understood the principles and examples in the course materials and you adhere to them in your test and practical risk assessment. It is crucial to ensure learners get the most out of their time and effort. To offer oneself revision structure and peace of mind when the assessment and examination stages roll around, try to make a study plan if you can.   

 IOSH Managing Safely Exam Questions  

You have 45 minutes to respond to 30 multiple-choice, true-false, or open-ended questions. 

The questions may cover any of the following and will be based on the eight modules you’ve studied over the last three days: 

  • Recognising risks 
  • Types of hazards 
  • Risk rating system 
  • Hierarchy of risk control 
  • Residual risks 
  • Identifying the incident’s cause 

What if You Fail the IOSH Managing Safely Exam?   

You have 20 days to retake the exam. You may take the exam as many times as necessary, but your training provider decides whether you must pay the fees again. 

Once the exam is over, you can give the practical risk assessment project your full attention. 


With the help of the practice questions and solutions, individuals can have a fair idea of what to expect from the IOSH Managing Safely exam. The exam preparation questions will assist applicants in becoming fundamentally comfortable with the material. Individuals with little or no experience can also take the exam.