A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Effective Business Presentation Videos


Despite the fact that PowerPoint has accompanied us from the office to Zoom, video presentations have quickly become the preferred visual aid option. Why? Because video presentations allow presenters to share information with their audience in a clear and creative manner.

Statistics also show that while watching the video, viewers absorb 95% of the message. This is how videos function. Videos can also help businesses improve their performance and productivity. But how does one go about making a good video presentation?

We’ll go over some expert tips for creating a compelling business presentation video in this blog post, as well as share some incredible video presentation ideas to help our business.

7 Expert Tips for Creating an Effective Business Presentation Video

  1. Keeping it Brief and Specific

66% said they would rather watch a short video to learn about a product or service. Any video used as a presentation that is longer than 3 minutes in length can detract from the viewer’s experience. As a result, our approach must be concise and precise.

A video of thirty to sixty seconds is more than enough for an ideal presentation video.

  1. Setting Our Objectives

It is critical to state our objectives at the start of our presentation so that the audience understands why they should listen to us and what they will gain. It will also assist our audience in remembering key points from our business presentation, ensuring a fruitful Q&A session.

  1. Telling a Story!

People are far more moved by stories than by statistics, intellectual points, or even quotations. When we tell a story to our audience, we establish an emotional connection with them, which allows our message to sink in. We can tell our audience how we got here and why we believe in our company. We must, however, keep our story brief but interesting.

  1. Making Use of Audio Narration

Using an engaging voice to describe our points can help viewers understand the message more quickly. Although it may appear obvious, the most important aspect of a video presentation is its audio quality.

We can use high-quality microphones to record the audio. We must avoid background noise while recording, and we must also speak confidently and adjust our tone and pace.

  1. Making Use of Appropriate Music

Music has a powerful psychological effect on the audience, keeping them focused on the presentation. And using the right music at the right time can assist us in effectively communicating our message to the viewers. As a result, we should use upbeat music to immediately capture the audience’s attention and slow music to relax the brain and allow time for a peaceful review of the content.

  1. Using Appropriate Animations and Graphics

We can add value to the presentation video by using high-quality animations and graphics. Including them in our presentation helps the audience understand the point we are attempting to convey.

  1. Finally, a Meaningful Remark

The final note represents our final opportunity to persuade our audience to accept our words. As a result, we must make it meaningful and punchy in order to hit them directly in the mind and persuade them why they should believe us.

Let us now look at video presentation ideas for businesses that will help them stand out.

6 Brilliant Video Presentation Ideas to Help Your Business

  1. Presentation of Sales Video

In most businesses, generating sales is a difficult task. Previously, salespeople would call potential customers or distribute brochures to sell their product, but these methods were less effective than one might have hoped.

A sales video presentation is far more effective because it humanizes the experience and allows customers to watch it whenever and however they want. In our presentation video, we can include testimonials, statistics, and quotes that demonstrate the unique value of our product or business and attract new customers.

  1. Presentation of a Product Demo Video

Product demo videos are a great way to entice new customers and keep them coming back for more. It is also much faster and easier for a company’s sales team to record it once and then play it back for prospective customers in the future. We can easily convert products’ image to videos by bringing them to life with upbeat music and animations by importing them from our product catalog into an editor.

  1. Templates for Employee Onboarding Videos

Employees have a significant impact on a company’s success, which is why companies strive to hire only the best. To welcome them, onboarding booklets, handbooks, and stacks of documents must be more engaging.

Creating slideshows with engaging visuals or using pre-made video templates and audio can help with onboarding, especially for remote workers, and can pique our new employees’ interest in joining our team.

  1. Presentation of an Internal Company Training Video

Both new and experienced employees require training. In addition, when compared to verbal presentations, video presentations are far more effective. We can share company information that is clear and consistent, making it easier to watch and understand.

  1. Investor Video Pitch Presentation

Startup funding is becoming more accessible. However, as more funding becomes available, so does the number of competitors. And, given how busy investors are, a video presentation is unquestionably a more effective way to pitch our company. To attract prospective investors’ attention and help our company stand out from the crowd, we can create a video presentation pitch instead of a folder full of text.

We’re almost done!

A video presentation can assist our company in developing long-term customer relationships and creatively marketing its products. Although there is a lot of work involved, from planning to recording the video, the impact and results are well worth it.

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