Apptopia: since Trump was banned from Twitter, daily use of Twitter has remained remarkably consistent: Apptopia Trump Twitter Bigtechnology

Apptopia Trump Twitter Bigtechnology: Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter, with the president tweeting out his displeasure for the social media platform. However, interestingly enough, daily use of Twitter has remained remarkably consistent since Trump’s banning in November. Despite this month-long ban on one of social media’s most popular and powerful users, daily use rates of Twitter have remained at an average of 16 minutes per day. That is more than double the amount we remember mentioning before Trump was banned (5 minutes per day).

Before Trump’s Twitter ban, Apptopia had never recorded a daily user count. With Trump’s popularity and usage, it’s possible that his banning affected overall use of the service. However, the minor drop-off in daily users (to 15 minutes per day) has mostly maintained since the ban was instituted.

Now that Twitter has banned their most popular user, we will see if this causes an upward or downward trend in terms of social media use. For now, Twitter use has remained steady.

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The Apptopia twitter account that acquired Trump-banning data has since removed all the snippets from its Twitter account. Read more about this article and what happened here.

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