Beach Jewelry: 5 Best Tips to Flaunt Your Favorite Pieces


Summer is here, and most of us are planning to go on a vacation to a beach. You have got all packed and wondering what jewelry to take with you. Whether it would be clearance jewelry or your favorite statement jewelry. You must choose your jewelry carefully. 

Some materials are more vulnerable to damage on the beach than others, so you might wish to leave some specific items at home. We’ll walk you through typical beach dangers and assist you in selecting the ideal jewelry for whatever your day holds.

  1. Avoid Wearing Rings

Wearing pricey rings on the beach is a definite no-no, especially your engagement rings, with solitaires or Tanzanite jewelry. Keep in mind that the diuresis process causes your fingers to shrink in the cold, salty water of the ocean (the saltwater pulls water out of the skin). This is risky for any rings you could possess.

They might disappear without your knowledge, disappearing into the ocean’s depths. They are lost forever, and you will never get them back. On the beach, avoid wearing any rings; however, bracelets or necklaces are acceptable because they won’t come off as quickly.

  1. Sand Is Harmful To Certain Metals

Keep in mind that silica, which makes up most sand, may be highly abrasive and damaging to some softer metals due to its rough structure. For instance, beach sand won’t matter as much if you are wearing a piece of jewelry composed of durable diamonds.

The sand can be very damaging to something like citrine or amethyst, or your softer tanzanite rings. The same principle holds for solid gold, solid silver, or solid anything else; they are strong enough to resist being overly harmed by sand’s abrasive properties.

However, jewelry that is gold-plated, rhodium-plated, or vermeil-plated is relatively soft and will be removed by the sand. Stick to wearing any harder, solid metal jewelry you may have instead of wearing all your softer, plated jewelry. 

  1. Try Solid Hoops And Anklets Made Of Platinum And Gold

Do you wear jewelry to the beach? Ensure simplicity. Use sturdy metals like gold or platinum, and go for small, delicate items. Avoid wearing engagement rings or any other jewelry that you would be concerned about losing. When wearing rings remember to stack them. 

Choose the perfect collection of solid hoop earrings from Adina Eden. Anklets made of sterling silver are particularly popular right now, so you may accessorize with something straightforward to add some flare to your beachwear. 

If you want to wear gold chains, go ahead, but keep in mind to keep them away from the sand. Avoid making sandcastles while wearing gold bracelets. By doing this, you will be able to maintain your sense of style and wear jewelry that won’t be adversely damaged by sweat, sea air, or saltwater.

  1. Be Careful About Tan Lines

Too many ladies wear big jewelry to the beach, disregarding things like tan lines and the like. Your skin will develop strange chunky tan lines if you are wearing a big necklace or bracelet. So remember that before you go to shop gold chains are heavy. 

Focus on small, delicate jewelry in general for the beach. Right now, charming, delicate jewelry is fashionable, so it won’t be difficult to locate something that matches your preferences.

Additionally, consider including adorable small charms in your jewelry combination, such as silver seashells or conch shells. This will elevate your style to the next level by adding a hint of a boho beachy vibe.

  1. Salt Can Cause Harm To Your Jewelry 

Avoid wearing rose gold jewelry to the beach since it contains copper, which will corrode in the seawater and begin to wear down the jewelry. Your rose gold jewelry will be affected over the long run.

Any jewelry made of iron or steel will also rust in the presence of salt air. Additionally, items made of wood, coral, or turquoise will eventually perish as a result of absorbing sea salt air.

Although they may appear stylish when worn at the beach, being around seawater and salt air will only shorten their longevity.

End Note

We sincerely hope that this advice on beach jewelry has been helpful. Jewelry can help you put together some amazing summer outfits, and we want you to feel at ease wearing them in any situation, including at the beach. Just be careful not to misplace something priceless and stick to durable materials.

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