Characteristics Of a Highly Effective Lawyer


One of the most well-known and noble careers that people really admire in the world is becoming a lawyer. Yes, such a career immediately puts people on a pedestal to be awed upon and to be praised by many.

Why is that? It is because such a field is not an easy field to undertake and it is not an easy career to aim for, so when people do become lawyers, they earn the rights and status that the career has. But what does it really take to become a highly effective and good lawyer? Here are some points to consider.

Passionately Skilled

You have to be skilled in the art of argumentation and research. You have to be keen and find small details in certain arguments and cases that you can use in your own case. You should be also skilled in the sense that you can perform under pressure and that you can also break apart the argument of the other party through your own analysis.

Such skills are actually difficult to master, especially in cases where the lawyer is still new to the job. Well, one of the things that you can do to harness your skills as a lawyer is to enjoy each case and learn from the experiences that it can teach you, whether that lesson is positive or negative in nature, take everything as a learning moment so that you can exercise your passion in the field of law through your skills in argumentation.

Analytical yet Compassionate

Not only should be keenly analytical as a lawyer but you also have to have a heart of service to the people. Some even pledge to commit to the no win no fee lawyer scheme in order to exercise their skills and also to prove that they can and are able to do their jobs even if the case is free. Thus, it pays to become analytical and critical in such a line of work but also it also is very helpful if you have the sincere heart to render service to your fellow men in their times of need.


You have to remember that you do not only have to be good at communicating your arguments in court but also you have to be creative about it. One of the greatest methods in being a lawyer and handling a case is that you do not only have to argue and defend your points or attack the argument of the other party.

You also have to be able to create a narrative with your defense so that you can win the case because it is not only about if one is guilty or not but it is about whether they can be convicted or not. So, one of the key elements to achieve such is through the creative use of arguments to sell an idea to the jury or to the judge.

Considering the points and characteristics above one important thing to remember is that all these characteristics will not be possible to possess if the person is not truly invested and interested in the realm of law and the judiciary, thus it pays to have the personal drive to become a lawyer and not just for mere prestige and title.

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