Clothing experts tell you: what does replica designer clothes mean?


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Clothing experts tell you

I have worked in the clothing industry for 12 years. Both customers and friends have asked me questions such as “what does the original order mean”, “is the original order genuine or a fake”, and “what is the difference between the original order and the original order”.

How to distinguish the original order from the authentic product is very easy for practitioners, but as the saying goes, the insider looks at the way, and the layman watches the excitement.

Today’s article mainly shares my experience in making clothing for so many years. After reading the package, you will understand what the original order means and the difference between the original order and the genuine product.

What does original order mean?

There are many aliases for the original order, such as “foreign trade tail order”, “weihuo”, and “rat goods”.

But no matter how you call it, the meaning is the same: it is a domestic or foreign brand, after the OEM places an order, the factory produces the same batch of products.

What is the difference between the original order and the genuine product?

The original order is just a general term, and in the industry, it can usually be subdivided into four categories: “pure original”, “documentary goods”, “purchase order goods” and “foreign trade goods”.

In a certain sense, pure original can be equated with genuine products. If you want to ask what is the difference between such an original order and genuine products, it may be due to the lack of a tag.

But things are rare and expensive. Although pure originals exist, they are definitely not many, because orders placed by brands will always have merchandisers in the factory, and it is impossible for people to smash their jobs.

Documentary goods usually refer to products that are processed by purchasing accessories from the market after the factory completes the delivery of the brand’s order, using excess fabrics.

Because there are technical drawings, and it is produced by the same machine, the same workers, and the assembly process, the difference between the original order and the genuine product lies in the accessories such as buttons and zippers.

When the customer-supplied fabrics are used up, if the production continues, the goods at this time belong to the follow-up order. In addition to the difference in accessories, there are also differences in fabrics from genuine products.

Foreign trade goods are usually some unknown small brands, or new foreign brands. The quality of these products is generally not bad, and the price is also cheap.

Based on my experience in the industry for so many years, no matter what brand, the number of original orders will not be very large. The bigger the brand and the more popular models, the less likely it is to have original orders.

Many people are curious whether the original order and the genuine product can be seen?

Regarding the identification skills of the original order, I will share it separately later to teach you how to distinguish the original order from the genuine product.

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