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The best source for site traffic is organic search. As per a 2019 study from BrightEdge, 53 per cent of site traffic comes from users’ organic search for content, paving the way for more leads and customers.   

Using the right keywords, you can draw more organic search traffic and increase awareness of your brand. You also exhibit thought leadership as you portray your site as an authoritative or expert source of information. Organic traffic allows more engagement with the audience, attracts quality leads, brings better sales results, and improves customer loyalty and retention.   

There are various means you can increase traffic to your site, such as through social media management, SEO, listings, and content. Among all those, content is the most crucial since all the other strategies cannot be done without quality content.

Here are some of the ways you can improve traffic to your site, focusing on the content:  



Whether you are a company, business, or marketer and no matter the size of your trade, blogging is the topmost effective way to drive traffic to your site. Moreover, it is inexpensive and relatively easy.  Through blogs alone, 56 per cent of products or services sales are made in the UK. B2B companies that make blogs have more leverage than those that don’t, reaping 67 per cent more leads. Those that consistently produce blogs are 13 times more likely to reach good returns, as they get 55 per cent more users to visit their site. 

 All of these are at a cheaper cost than using traditional online marketing methods. Content is king, and that applies to driving organic traffic to your site. The key is to provide relevant, engaging, and valuable content overall, so if you have been blogging for some time, make sure to filter out any blogs that don’t add value or update them regularly for relevance and accuracy, discussed further below.  


Writing Evergreen Content  

Evergreen articles are SEO-rich content constantly updated for relevance and freshness for a longer period, increasing organic traffic and staying relevant over the course of time, regardless of when they are published.  Some of the most commonly used evergreen formats include listicles, tips, product reviews, how-to, and even videos (e.g., practical instructional videos). To make your articles evergreen, make sure to provide updated answers from your targeted audience’s most frequently asked questions, industry tips such as advice or explanations, and major industry topics which readers with average knowledge find confusing.  

Overall, topics that the audience will always be interested in are considered evergreen. News articles, statistics or reports, and articles based on current trends, pop culture, current clothing, or fashion trends are not considered evergreen content as they have their expirations dates. Whilst they increase organic traffic over time, they are set only on a specific timeframe and cannot be updated in the future. 


For your evergreen content to be noticed, be sure to apply the right keywords, use SEO best practices, present the article as if you are writing for beginners, avoid jargon or technical terms, and finally, spin and re-use those great ideas in many other formats.  


Creating Powerful Headlines  

Whether or not the audience will read your content depends on the headline. No matter how good your content is, when the headline is dull, it will only be noticed by a few. Eighty per cent of users tend to read the headlines and twenty per cent delve onto the article. This is why it is crucial to create compelling headlines that will make people want to read about your content. 


Headlines are not simply content titles. From there, users judge the overall content, its relevance and how informative and interesting it can be. A good headline makes the users open the page, thereby increasing organic traffic to your site. Overall, it affects the readability, virality, and searchability of your content.  

The main goal is to grab the audience’s attention, but headlines don’t only have those effects on the readers. They can help you build a relationship with the readers, create a sense of urgency, and make them interested in the information. To write powerful, compelling headlines, you need to make them specific, easy to understand, make the audience respond, not too clever that readers will find them hard to understand, and capture the voice of the piece.   


Inviting Others to Make Guest Blogs on Your Site  

When you are sure enough that you post high-quality, original articles on your site, then you can invite others to contribute guest blogs on your site. Consistently scheduling content to go live at least once a week, you will definitely get more people to read your blog and reach more customers.   

Meanwhile, you also lighten your load, especially if you manage a small business and have to focus on running it than doing some marketing. 

 Without a regular schedule of posting articles, your readers will not know when to expect to have another blog from you, which doesn’t help with boosting organic traffic to your site. With other bloggers contributing to your site, you get to focus on managing your business as they take care of the content. Guest bloggers will promote their articles on your behalf, diversifying your content and topics. Whatever they write for you will then be promoted to their email, social media platforms, or blog followers, thereby sending traffic to your site.  

If they offer reciprocal opportunities, such that they let you write guest posts on their sites too, it’s an easy way to reach their audience when you could not have done otherwise. Inviting guest post bloggers to write on your site and writing for them in return is a win-win for both. A great guest post blog must at least be within 600-1,000 words, must be relevant for social media or content marketing, with images, and must be published on your site alone, not elsewhere.  


If you fit on the last part, handling business affairs whilst also trying to reach out to more people via content, Legend  Digitech is here to help contribute to your site. Reach us today!  


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