Create Your Perfect Total Black Look With Sleeper Dynasty Linen Blazer,  Kitten Heel Mules, and Puff Slippers!


Styling Your Sleeper Dynasty Black Blazer to Elevate Your Classy Look

Sophisticated total-black looks will always be iconic and there is no argument about that. Even if they might seem boring to some people, you can still look extremely good and be creative with your style even when wearing monochromatic clothes. However, if you truly want to turn heads at a party or a get-together, you should invest in quality things and make the most out of your wardrobe.

Many brands have been coming up with new ideas to «spice things up» in the fashion world when it comes to original black pieces. One such brand is the well-known Ukrainian loungewear brand named Sleeper, which is notoriously famous for its party pajamas and charming Atlanta dress. Although, it is essential to mention that they have much more to offer from their collections. Maybe, with the help of the Daily Sleeper, you will find your dream statement piece or a pair of kitten heel mules that will be the last (but not least!) detail in your total-black outfit. Let’s look through the options together!

Being the true timeless garment, this linen blazer has the perfect aesthetic to it, which can allow you to wear it both to high-society events and a dine-out dinner with your friends. It has a bit of an oversized feel to it and greatly fits into today’s trends among fashionistas and stylists. You can wear this black linen blazer as a jacket from the set and pair it with whatever pants you like (you can even choose them from the same brand) or throw it over a dress.

The main detail of the Sleeper Dynasty blazer is its charming collar that has an unusual shape to it, giving the whole look a little twist. It adds to the perfect mixture of playfulness and seriousness of the outfit and helps you to be more flexible with your looks. It also has pockets and tiny buttons that were done in the same color in order not to disrupt the whole total-black story.

Moreover, the Sleeper Dynasty blazer has a bit of shoulder padding that makes your silhouette bolder and more powerful, yet feminine at the same time. 

However, for you to make a memorable appearance wherever you go, you have to give it a thought when choosing a pair of shoes for the look. Luckily, the Daily Sleeper doesn’t miss out on that!

Exploring the Sleeper Dynasty in Your Pair of Feather Black Kitten Heels 

Having a proper pair of heels is always relevant, so those black kitten heel mules with feathers could be a wonderful addition to your Daily Sleeper outfit. Although the brand isn’t as famous for its shoes, as they are for its dresses, those heels are worth it! They have a very simple shape which is compensated by flirty feather detailing. Just as with any other garment designed by the Sleeper, they are a perfect middle ground between comfort and style.

The greatest part of those charming feather black kitten heels is that you can wear them with dozens of different outfits. So, if you are hesitant about adding this pair of heels to your everyday wardrobe, here are some recommendations on how to style them:

  • Wear a suit. The first choice is obvious! While wearing your Dynasty blazer, you can add a pair of pants or even classy knee-length shorts and finish the look with the mules. This way you will reach a perfect business-casual look.
  • Trying on party pajamas. While technically also a suit, the Daily Sleeper party pajamas are more fun! Pairing them with kitten heels will get you from bed to party in an instant and bring the good mood with you anywhere.
  • Going safe with a dress. You can always do right if you choose one of the classic Sleeper dresses to match your shoes. Even though it is the safest option, you can still be comfortable and look fantastic!

So, maybe this is the right time to pick your perfect feather mule and experiment a little bit!

Puff Slippers Instead of Mules with Feathers? The Choice Is Yours!

If you want something a little different to try out and you have less of a flashy style, you can check out Sleeper’s puff slippers in color black. They are a bit comfier than mules with feathers and allow you to focus on more statement clothing.

Although very simple in design, those puff slippers still have that chic vibe to them. Moreover, they have special drawcords attached to adjust the fitting around the foot and be as comfortable as possible. The thing they share with other Sleeper products lies in their versatility, so you can pair them up with jeans, leggings, even pants, and a T-shirt and look stunning no matter what.

So, there you have it! The Daily Sleeper brand has many more black options for you to choose from, as this was just the tip of the iceberg. And remember to check out their shoe collection, I’m sure you will find some gems there for your ideal total-black outfit!

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