Friday, June 2, 2023

District of Columbia Drug Rehab: Finding Root of Addiction Problems

Somebody has said, When you have identified why you do what you do, perhaps you will be able to allow yourself to heal from the broken and move onto the new.” Ambien addicts trying to come out of their addiction must recall the time when they first started taking this sleeping pill. 

Ambien (Zolpidem) is a sedative and a hypnotic. Doctors prescribe it for a short time to treat insomnia. Alas, District of Columbia drug rehab sees a lot of ambien addicts, despite the drug taken under prescription. 

Ambien is available in two forms:

  • Immediate-release form that puts you into a deep sleep immediately after you take it and hit the bed. 
  • Extended-release form that has two layers. The first layer helps you fall asleep. The second layer keeps you asleep.

Depending on your insomnia symptoms, your doctor will decide what form of ambien is suited for you. 

Becoming an ambien addict

Well, nobody becomes an addict deliberately. In fact, people don’t realize when they got addicted. Most of the time, it is the ‘feel good’ factor of pills that encourages continued use, which leads to ambien addiction

Sleeping pills are notorious for being addictive. This is due to the way they react with your brain’s receptors. 

As mentioned in the beginning, once you realize you have gone far in the usage of ambien, you must recall how it all started. 

  • Why did you not heed the doctor’s advice of sticking to the prescription?
  • What made you continue taking ambien even after the prescription was over? 

These and other such questions help to introspect where exactly you went wrong. 

Maybe you wanted an escape from your present life and sleep seemed to be a good option. 

Maybe you couldn’t resist taking ambien or you got a craving to take this pill. 

As you analyze, you might hit the root cause of abusing ambien. This makes it easier for you to take a U-turn, although it’s never that easy to de-addict from any drug. 

Yet, when you are under an appropriate drug rehab program, you increase the chances of kicking off your ambien-taking habit. 

Sleep is important 

Even in a rehabilitation program, the experts would emphasize good sleep. Once you are out of the detoxification process, the program would focus on working on your emotional side. 

The point is: why did you need to take ambien in the first place? 

You would answer that it was to treat your sleeping problem. 

But why did you have a sleeping problem? 

This is where you try to dig the buried emotional problems that made you sleepless at night. 

It’s like one thing leading to another. 

As you go deep into your emotional side, you hit the answer. You find the real cause of the root problem – your insomnia. Addiction to ambien came later, right? 

Once you are able to sleep well, probably 7-8 hours of refreshing sleep that repairs your body and mind, you need no ambien. You can also recover from your addiction better and faster. 

So, if you or anybody you know is addicted to this sleeping pill, call the addiction hotline