Friday, June 2, 2023

Does Anyone Still Use 38 Super?

In a world where technological advancement has spread across all industries, the arms and ammunition industry has experienced a significant share of technological advancement. As a result of this advancement, some arms and ammunition that were first developed have gradually been forgotten or ignored. One of those arms and ammunition that has been ignored is the 38 Super. Nevertheless, there are still several people who love the feel and function of this pistol cartridge. 38 Super, also called .38 Super or .38 ACP Super. Although difficult to come by, it’s still highly recommended to shooters. If you’re unfamiliar with 38 Super, navigate here to learn more about this caliber. 

The 38 Super: A Brief History

The 38 Super was developed in the 1920s, and it was designed as a law enforcement round. It wasn’t used in any major war or conflict, but it did see some use by many police departments through the 20th century.

The 38 Super cartridges are still used today by police officers and other agencies who have access to them. Depending on the mass of the bullet, the travel velocity ranges between 1,215 ft/s (370 m/s) to 1,450 ft/s (440 m/s). This makes it ideal for stopping threats quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for something with more power than your standard 9 mm Luger rounds, then you should consider 38 Super.

Why Use the 38 Super?

The 38 super is a great choice for a backup gun or if you want something simple and easy to reload. The design of the 38 super revolver and the .38 Super makes it very reliable (much more so than other big-bore pistols like the 9mm and .45). You’ll also find that many shooters use 38 Super for self-defense purposes as well because of its accuracy and power at close range. It’s also popular among hunters who want something powerful enough to kill a game quickly without having to take them down with multiple shots from another weapon such as an AR-15 rifle.

More Reasons to Consider the 38 Super

The 38 super is easy to shoot

The 38 super revolver has a small and forgiving grip, which makes it very comfortable to shoot, even for those who aren’t usually shooters or hunters. In addition, the 38 super cartridge fits in most standard holsters and can be concealed with just about anything you already wear. This makes it ideal for concealed carry or sport shooting competitions (where concealment is required).

The Right Gun for home defense

The 38 super is a good intermediate caliber that is great for home defense. It’s a light bullet that’s easy to control and delivers plenty of energy, which means you can stop an intruder with one shot. It’s very effective for shooting at close range.


The 38 super is accurate enough and affordable enough that most people would be happy using this ammo as their mainstay in their shooting bag. This makes sense because most people don’t want to spend thousands on high-end target rifles.

Characteristics of 38 Super


Every round of 38 Super has an effective range; the 38 Super has a longer range than a 32 ACP and a shorter range than a 357 mag. With 38 Super, you can effectively protect yourself from threats with close range. The highest range is determined by the multiplication of the mass of the bullet and the velocity squared. The maximum amount of energy that can theoretically be forced out of each round varies. Still, in general, the farther away the target, the less energy any bullet will have when it reaches the target.

Bullets specifications

The 38 super shares space with other large, heavy, slower-moving bullets that have a wide meplat and can be used with the 38 Super revolver of 2 inches, 4 inches, or other sizes of barrels. Some of the specifications include; Bullet diameter of 9.02 mm (0.355 in), Neck diameter of 9.75 mm (0.384 in), Rim diameter of 10.31 mm (0.406 in), a Base diameter of 9.75 mm (0.384 in), Rim thickness of 1.27 mm (0.050 in), Case length of 22.86 mm (0.900 in), and an overall length of     32.51 mm (1.280 in).

The bottom line is that the 38 super revolver and bullet has so much potential that it could be your go-to gun if you want to plink with something more powerful than your favorite 22LR or you don’t want to carry around something too heavy or expensive.