Does Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven Offer Service in New Haven?

Jason Markey

The demand for effective physical security doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. For as long as someone has something of value, people will always be trying to take it. This need for security is not only to keep away thieves; sometimes, people want to vandalize a place for the fun of it. This means that security is always something a property manager or homeowner will have to worry about. Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven represents a solution to such issues. With a variety of high-tech gear and experienced staff, they can offer a security solution in the form of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and other high-tech devices to help with the physical security of your property or home. 

Prevalence of Crimes

While there are no accurate statistics for all types of crimes, studies have shown that more than seventy percent of all crimes are property-related. Whether in the form of good, old-fashioned breaking or home invasions, residents of any metropolitan area can expect to experience a property crime in their lifetime. While this statistic may be skewed in some areas, it underscores the need for some active measures against such crimes. This ensures that people don’t fall victim to such incidents. While guards and dogs can be deployed to combat property crimes, they can be prone to human elements like fatigue or, worse, compromise.

Technology is one of the best ways to combat property crimes. The use of technological devices for round-the-clock surveillance can help deter potential intruders. In many instances, the very existence of a security system like CCTV cameras makes would-be burglars think twice about illegally accessing a building. With many such technologies becoming more affordable, homeowners and property managers can better secure their buildings 24 hours a day.

Property Crimes in New Haven

With the chances of a property crime occurring in New Haven estimated at 1 in 28, it is prudent for residents to take safety measures to ensure they don’t fall victim to such unfortunate events.

Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven provides options for property owners to secure their buildings or homes. Having devices like CCTV cameras installed in and around your property gives you peace of mind. If you’re always working long hours and spend most of the day away from your house, it might be prudent to have security measures in place. Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven can give you peace of mind with one of its several technology options to ensure that your property is secure even when you’re away.

Types of Services Offered

As a well-established security outfit in Connecticut, Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven understands the needs of residents there. They have some options as far as building and house security is concerned. These include:

1)Security Cameras

This has been a favorite among many people since its invention. However, advances in technology mean that there are several added features to security cameras. For instance, facial recognition software can help identify individuals. There is also software for license plate recognition. With all these features, and more, integrated into security cameras, many cases of would-be burglaries are avoided. For instance, if a person has been lurking around your property to carry out surveillance, they can be identified later on should they attempt to break in. Security cameras can cover many angles. Best of all, they can be connected to any or all your devices like desktop computers or phones. This means you can see the live feed from anywhere without an internet connection.

2) Intrusion Alarms

You can have alarms and sensors wired to your doors and other potential entry points like windows and attics. This ensures that any attempted break-in will alert you and the alarm company quickly, giving enough time for a prompt response. Even on their own, such intrusion alarms are very effective. Someone trying to break in will usually flee if the alarm goes off loudly.

3) Door Entry Systems

This is ideal for commercial buildings and corporate offices. Such public places tend to experience a lot of foot traffic. Sometimes, tracking everyone in and out of the building becomes difficult. A door access system helps to solve this problem by restricting entry. Such a system can also be controlled remotely. This means that the building manager or chief of security can always have overall control without being at the door.

These, and more, are some of the ways in which New Haven residents can benefit from the security services of Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven.

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