Essential Baby Gears for a Nursery


Baby Rocker

Bringing out a new baby into this world means a lot of preparation for the parents. Aside from making sure that the baby is healthy inside the womb, they also need to prepare all the things that a baby would need as he or she comes out into the world.

With so many baby products on baby shops, it could be confusing and even challenging to shop for your little one especially if it’s your first time. You might even think that there would be so many things to buy before the big day comes.

Shopping for your baby doesn’t have to be stressful and expensive. In fact, there are basic things that you only need to buy for your newborn. There are some items that would be nice to have but are not really that essential for your little one.

If you’re planning out your baby’s nursery room, here are the essential things that you need to prepare for a fully functional and convenient baby room.


First of all, since newborns sleep a lot during the first few months, it is important to get a crib that is comfortable and safe for your little one to sleep on. When buying a crib, see if it conforms to the latest safety standards to be sure that it is safe for use even by newborns. If you plan to sleep with baby in the first few months, you could have a bassinet or cradle in your room. But as the baby grows bigger, you’d need a crib to keep your little one safe during bedtime.

Baby Rocker

Baby Rocker
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A baby rocker is one of the gears experienced parents could swear is really useful. It may look like just an additional luxury item for your baby but it actually helps a lot in feeding times and even calming a baby down. There are plenty of rockers such as these Charlie Crane rockers that offer different features such as soothing sounds and rocking motion to help keep baby calm and preoccupied while the parent is doing some chores or preparing formula.

You could actually add more but with those gears, your baby nursery would already be completely functional and ready to be used by your little one. Be sure to have all of those items in your list for a complete baby nursery.


Some cribs don’t come with a mattress so you’ll need to buy one for your baby’s crib. Choose one that provides good back support – not too soft or too hard. Find one that fits securely in the crib so it doesn’t have spaces where your baby might get stuck.


Your nursery needs a space to store all the baby clothes and essentials. A dresser is a perfect storage solution for the nursery since it could also double as a changing table. Find a dresser with a wide space on top so you can set it as a diaper changing area for your little one. There’s no need to buy a separate changing table if you choose a good dresser that could work both purposes.

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