Excel Skills Testing For Employment – Everything You Need To Know In Details


Right from the basic data management skills to the current ability to organize and analyze data, these are some of the most common job needs that hiring managers are looking for. They are also in search of employees who are able to make informed recommendations. In case you are given the responsibility to create sales forecasts, prepare financial reports or even monitor the current marketing results, you will need your team by your side who knows Excel!

Industrial based excel skills tests:

There you have various industry-leading excel skills available in the market. Understanding the notion is really important if you want to check out the reasons behind the growing demand for excel skills testing for employment these days. 

  • As per HRDive reports, Microsoft Excel proficiency is considered to be the most sought-after software skill that is needed in multiple job posts.
  • As per some of the reports from Forbes, around 78% of the middle-skill jobs that are in need of a high school degree but not quite a college degree will need excel-centric expertise to follow. 

Moreover, there you have some information available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that clearly states that middle-skilled job prospects have grown by around 4.7% within the last decade. On the other hand, the non-digital jobs have just grown by merely 1.9%!

The abilities that you are looking for in a candidate:

Have you ever wondered about the type of skills and abilities you are looking for in a candidate through the excel skills testing services? Well, understanding those points beforehand will actually help you to know what companies are looking for in their potential employees. Some of the major ones are listed below for your reference.

  • Understanding the use and value of basic spreadsheets:

It is vital for you to know how you can set up and then format spreadsheets and then enter data for preparing reports for payroll, accounting, or even marketing.

  • Data analysis:

It is an ability to use the formulas and proper functions needed to sort, organize and then classify data. It is your idea on how to create reports proficiently.

  • An advanced form of reporting:

Here, you will be judged on creating and using macros, VBA, and pivot tables for detailed financial reports and database analyses over here.

The recommended excel skill-centric tests to follow:

Listed below are some of the highly recommended Excel skill tests that you need to be aware of. With excel skills testing software by your side, you can get hold of these tests in no time and understand what the employees are able to bring to your organization.

The standardized version of job-based tests:

Standard tests, over here, will feature an excel section for the jobs like office manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant, Market Research Manager, Financial Assistant, Financial Analyst, and more.

Standard subject-based tests:

It is going to focus on single-subject computer skills assessments like Excel. The main goal is to test out the expertise and knowledge of the candidates to help classify them as intermediate, beginner, or advanced users.

More than 800 modular subjects:

Here, you get the chance to create multi-subject computer skills assessments by investing a few seconds of your time. For that, you can handpick out your favorite excel-based and other questions from the professional skills library of the center.

Get to create your own content:

Some centers have specialized Authors, which are designed to create customized skill tests. It will have its own job-centric questions and then you get to add questions from the professional skills library as well! The choice is yours on how you want to design the excel skills testing platform for your employees to take.

What features to expect:

Now, the market houses so many companies claiming to offer the best excel skills testing services possible. How can you possibly choose the best one among the lot? Focusing on the features will help you to get hold of the best team of professionals now.

  • Choose the company whose computer skills simulation tests are the best in the industry as they allow for multiple correct answer choices. There is no need for special downloads or any browser settings.
  • You get the chance to select from over 600 standard tests or can customize the assessment experience with multiple topics, which are relevant to specified jobs or requirements.
  • The reliable centers are likely to offer simulations that will replicate the real job scenarios. The main idea is to see how the candidates will react under pressure and respond to such instances.
  • The best excel skills testing from a reputed center will help organizations to hire only the best and most qualified team members rather faster and with defensible compliance.

Once you have checked out these features, choosing the best excel skills testing program from a reputed center won’t be a tough nut for you to crack after all!

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