Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Eyefinity Vs ICANotes: What’s Your Best EMR Software?

Eyefinity EHR is an all-inclusive electronic health record (EHR) that simplifies office operations. With this software, doctors can conduct checkups in less time while also sharing patient eye photos and medical records with the rest of the office. In addition, the Eyefinity EHR Patient Portal provides patients with access to their medical records, prescriptions, and doctor’s orders. Eyefinity EHR also facilitates improved doctor-patient communication. ICANOTES is an electronic health record (EHR) software application that is web-based and user-friendly. It is developed to handle healthcare records for behavioral health practitioners. The programme acts similarly to a clinician in that it can take notes using its built-in self-coding features. These notes contain code generating responses, which are able to assist users in recording their mental health as well as other health conditions.

If you are still not sure about investing in either of the two software, then read this article as it will elucidate on the features, reviews, pricing etc.

Eyefinity EHR

Eyefinity is a practice management system that streamlines and removes the tiresome duties that emerge in everyday practice and gives the doctor the ability to customize their procedures to meet the specific requirements of each unique patient. By standardizing and simplifying the recording of all administrative and monetary transactions, the system makes it easier to conduct activities at the practice. The employees’ schedules, invoicing, and reports have all been streamlined in order to maximize the use of their time. It improves the patient’s file while simultaneously streamlining the processes.

Eyefinity EHR Key Features

Image Management

Image Management in Eyefinity is an app designed exclusively for the iPad that gives a central area to view and save patient photographs from a large array of medical devices. When photos are readily accessible, you may spend more time interacting with patients and less time fiddling with technology.

Optical Order Management

Barcode identification is utilized throughout the shipping, acquiring, and task assigning processes of Eyefinity’s Optical Order Management. It enables an effective inventory management system that lessens the amount of difficulty, which in turn makes your training go more smoothly.

Record Management

Eyefinity EHR capabilities facilitate the management of patient health records by physicians. No longer are they required to document each exam using pen and paper or transmit faxes. Doctors can preserve and review patient records, administer prescriptions, and confer with other health care experts with the press of a few buttons.

Eyefinity EHR Pricing

There is no version available for free download. Eyefinity EHR software is not available for a free trial. The cost of the item is another piece of information the merchant refuses to divulge. If you are interested in learning more about the Eyefinity EHR’s pricing and other specifics, you can schedule an Eyefinity EHR demonstration today.

Eyefinity EHR Demo

A free demo will aid users in learning about the software and delineate its features and characteristics for you.

Eyefinity EHR Reviews

Eyefinity is the best, and its use has been quite beneficial. It organizes patients so that users know when they are expected to arrive. The majority of patient information is entered into the system. It has been of great use in keeping patient records, as it is very organized. It contains names, birth dates, and dates. According to users, this system has been flawless in every way.


ICANotes is the only electronic health record system (EHR) that is fully customized for mental health and addiction treatment. ICANotes EMR is the most clinically robust electronic health record (EHR) for behavioral health, and it comes with templates that are pre-configured for all clinical specialties and practice locations. A PMS has the potential to improve both the productivity of your clinic and the protection of your patients. Through the use of electronic insurance claims and a comprehensive charting system, it may help lessen the amount of paperwork that you have to deal with. The processing of your payments and any other billing procedures can be handled by a PMS. You have the ability to set up notifications that will warn you when patients have open balances, and you also have the ability to retain full records of client billing.

ICANotes Key Features

HIPAA Compliance

ICANotes continues to comply with all of the HIPAA regulations on an ongoing basis. These include the newest technologies to prevent illegal access to company servers, complete data encryption, password and username security, access logs, notifications, and security of access points.


ICANotes will automatically assign code numbers based on the Evaluation and Management code categories in accordance with HCFA’s Guidelines (from Documentation Guidelines for Evaluation and Management Services). Because the HCFA requirements are so intricate, having access to a computer is an absolute requirement. ICANotes keeps track of which history and test topics are being credited as buttons are pushed, and it displays this information for you to view. In addition to this, the level of Medical Decision Making is rated based on the number of buttons that are pushed.


ICANotes is connected with DrFirst EPCS Gold e-prescribing so that psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses can electronically send accurate, error-free, and intelligible controlled drug and legend prescriptions straight to any pharmacy from the point of treatment. This service includes a comprehensive database of drug warnings and interactions as well as clinical decision support tools to aid in the prevention of hazardous drug reactions.

ICANotes EMR Pricing

The monthly subscription charge for ICANotes is $149 per month. ICANotes also provides a yearly subscription discount. The monthly annual subscription charge is $119. ICANotes is priced according to the number of providers in your practice.

ICANotes EMR Demo

If you are unsure of investing in the software then schedule a free demo available on the website and learn about how the software operates.

ICANotes EMR Reviews

Keeping in view the reviews published online, the software has been praised for its user-friendliness and simplicity of use.

Our Thoughts

If you are looking for robust, affordable software for your practice, the two discussed above can be a good option.