Fidelcrest Review: Everything you need to know in 2022


You should examine closely at Fidelcrest if you’re looking to work with a respectable prop trading company. The company is renowned for its training programs and committed customer service staff. Fieldcrest provides a wide range of valuable tools to help you improve your trading abilities and accomplish your trading goals. Its trading platform offers funded accounts for prop traders who want to trade FX, CPOs, and cryptocurrencies.

Trading With Fidelcrest

The 30-day trading cycles used by Fidelcrest begin as soon as you open your first account. At the end of the period, when the total profit or loss is determined, all of your positions should be closed. You can employ your strategy during each session, such as news trading, trading strategies, and holding.

All Fidelcrest accounts have the leverage of 1:100. Using EAs is also possible, provided the applicable platform supports it. The Trader Agreement outlines the firm’s strict standards, which include the maximum daily loss limit and the required number of trading days. Make sure to read the fine print because breaking even one of these guidelines could result in the termination of your account. Just as Topstep Trader, Fidelcrest provides free performance coaching, scream radio, and trading education

Getting Started

To ensure that you have a consistent approach capable of achieving profit goals, Fidelcrest has a strict verification process. To become a certified prop trader with the company, follow these steps:

1. Select a User Account

As per your desired level of risk (Regular vs. Aggressive), expertise level, and financial resources (MicroFX+ accounts for small investors vs. ProFX+ accounts for large investors), Fidelcrest offers 13 different versions.

2. Decide A Broker

Trading is available through a wide range of platforms. After each 30-day trading session, you can switch brokerage and systems.

3. Finish the Fidelcrest Trading Challenge

It would help if you reached the minimum profit target by the end of the 30-day term to win the challenge, which takes place on a demo account. If you don’t make the desired profit, you might be eligible for a free second try; see the prizes and referrals section for details.

4. Finish the Funded Verification

You must meet the profit goal without exceeding the limit loss levels and submit your KYC credentials to finish the verification process. You can trade and take home up to 50% of your earnings with real money.

5. Use Your Professional Account to Trade

You become an official prop trader with Fidelcrest if you complete the Challenge and Verification levels. During the 30-day trading window, you can trade on a funded account without profit targets and keep up to 80% of the gains. You must watch out that your losses are within the amount permitted.

6. Scaling

You can contact customer care and sign up for the scaling plan if you’re making progress with the professional account and would like to invest more. With this strategy, your capital is increased by 25% each time you earn profits of at least 15% over three consecutive months.

7. Developing Larger Account Sizes

Multiple Verification and Professional accounts are permitted. You can restart the process for higher capital thresholds if you satisfied with your account by paying the associated cost and finishing the Challenged Terms.

The Fieldcrest offerings are famous for having some of the market’s most flexible conditions.

How does Fidelcrest work?

Fidelcrest works similarly as top step trader. You can try out for a financed account from Fidelcrest, which might provide you with up to $1 million in trading capital by paying a fee. You will divide your earnings with Fidelcrest, keeping 80% or 90% for yourself. If you lose money, Fidelcrest will settle your bill but is unlikely to keep you on staff.

You can begin the Trading Challenge by selecting an account size, paying the one-time cost, and starting the challenge. You will go on to the verification stage if your trading goals are achieved. You will receive a check for a portion of your gains and become a Fidelcrest Funded Trader if you complete the Verification Stage.


It is possible to handle accounts up to $1,000,000 right away without having to go through elaborate growth strategies. Up to 90% of profits go to the trader, making it one of the biggest profit split schemes.

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