Thursday, June 1, 2023

Five Ways to Manage Time With the Test Question

Time-consuming is one of the most frustrating things in online exams. If you have an essay in front of you and waste time or think about the answer, you do not want to miss important points.

Use some of the tests below to make your time management worries a thing of the past.

1) Do Sample Papers as a Part of Your Revision

It may be obvious, but the best way to manage your time is to practice it. The exams come in many different formats, so you can use old papers to focus on the types of questions you face. If essays always bother you, why not make time for yourself and try to write one out of practice? What could you shorten if you had to skip your allotted time to complete it? Maybe you wrote too much.

2) Check the Paper Before You Start

Get a wrong idea of ​​the number of questions and find your questions with a high score. If there is a question that costs 25 percent of the total mark, you can focus on it first or remember it so as not to bother with small questions with a small effect. The front of your paper should indicate how many grades you will receive for the exam; use this information.

3) Make a Budget on Time

There are two definitive ways to find out how long you should spend each question, which can be helpful if you need a strict schedule to pass the exam:

a) Divide how much time you have by the number of points from the exam in total

For example, if you take a three-hour (180-minute) exam and reach 100 marks, you will receive more than one and a half minutes for each print. So a six-point question should take you nine minutes.

b) Find your high score questions and find out how much time you have to spend on them

If the essay question is more than 50 percent of your grades, it should be half the exam time. If you know how much time you have to devote to more essential questions, you can see how long you will have to answer more minor queries. 

4) Answer Simple Questions First

No one says you must go from page one to page 20 in perfect order. Look for your quick wins there, such as short questions or topics you know. Then divide the remaining time to understand how much time you need to devote to the more significant issues.

5) Look at the Clock

The habit of checking for hours after every few questions will help you in the long run. Don’t panic if you have a little. Focus only on the questions with the highest score and be strong!

Bonus: Essay questions

Many students are most afraid of essay questions, and this is usually because they write more than they need, which takes more time. Five minutes of planning can be great, and this will help you choose big topics, which means you will focus on what is essential instead of hanging out. Please take a look at the grading schemes in the practice papers to see how you can mark the questions in the essay and try to answer them in a way that matches the grading scheme.

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