How Do Automatic Doors Know When To Open?

Jason Markey

Automated doors like the ones available on are controlled wirelessly, and beholding the end product of technology is a great sight. Sometimes, you wonder how a wireless machine controls the motion of a door made of steel, wood, and glass. 

This article describes the process involved when an automatic door is triggered to open or close. Grab a seat, and let’s get to it. 

How do automatic doors work?

As its name implies, automatic doors are controlled by sensors that react to motion, sound, beam, and any other form of identification. Sensors are installed close to the door depending on the type installed. 

There are different types of sensors and how they respond to triggers. Also, the type of sensor installed depends on the activities in that environment. For instance, a motion sensor cannot be installed in a busy street. The door will constantly be opened, which is not good for business. Let’s get to know the type of sensors. 

Types of Sensors

  1. Pressure Sensors

This type of sensor reacts to the change in weight close to the door, when pressure changes, the door opens and when it reverts to normal, the door closes. Pressure sensors are installed in the ground close to the door, and it is best hidden under a mat. Hence when a user steps on it, the sensor triggers an action. 

This is suitable for businesses on busy streets because the automatic door only reacts to pressure and does not sound. Using such sensors requires that an individual needs to get close enough to the door before it opens; if otherwise, the trigger may be delayed. 

  1. Motion Detecting Sensors

Unlike pressure sensors, motion detectors monitor movement from a distance close to the door. This type of sensor uses microwave or active infrared, which detects the heat from the human body and then sends a signal that triggers the door to open. 

A microwave beam covers a wide range, unlike active infrared, which detects only altered environment temperature. Knowing that a microwave beam has more effect than an infrared sensor, it is also important to note that a microwave beam is more expensive. 

  1. Video Intercom

This is a modern and accepted form of accessing a building, especially among commercial organizations and family businesses. The video intercom is connected to an access control were signals that trigger the door to open or close have been programmed. 

The sensors here react to signals like car keys, smartphones, computerized ID cards, or a vest. Once sighted, the door opens, this form of the sensor is suitable for family enterprises, and it is a great means of security. This type of sensor requires a periodic update of workers’ identification mode to prevent denial when accessing the building. 

Knowing the various types of sensors, it is obvious that an automatic door reacts to the triggers from the door opening device, which receives a signal from the sensors. 

Additional Information

Most business ventures use more than one type of sensor for effective security and traffic control. It can be a combination of motion and pressure sensors, and this also depends on the nature of business activities. Lastly, all automatic doors are controlled by sensors.

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