How Do I Get a Degree in Music?

Jason Markey

Music as a profession has become a more lucrative career today than before. And the best part is that you don’t need to be naturally gifted to become a professional musician. There are many ways you can become a musician today. For example, you can take dancing and singing lessons. Or, you can attend a music school and learn to play different instruments or how to compose and produce music. More importantly, besides helping you become a recognized musician, learning to sing, dance, or play various musical instruments is linked to many health benefits. Research suggests that music can lower blood pressure and reduce stress or anxiety.

However, to learn to play a particular musical instrument or to compose and produce songs, you still need to know the basics and the complex areas of music. As a result, this calls for the need to attend a music school physical or online. Fortunately, there are many recognized music schools you can attend and earn a degree in music, like the Music Academy of Texas. But even before joining a school like this, you can read more about their music programs here. This way, you can explore every program and choose the best fit for your musical preferences. Next, let’s find out how you can get a degree in music.

The Academic Journey for Earning a Degree in Music                                                           

The academic qualification for getting a degree in music depends on factors such as the type of music or musical instrument you want to study. In some music schools, you can earn different music degrees, such as a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of Fine arts. 

However, on average, getting a music degree from most music schools will take about four to five years, especially when studying for an undergraduate music degree.

How to Get Your Music Degree by Taking Music Lessons via Different Music Programs

Besides attending music school and earning your degree, you can also earn the degree by joining music programs that teach singing, dancing, or playing musical instruments. You can also decide to join these programs from a physical school or take online classes. For example, the following are some of the programs you can join and earn a music degree.

Piano Musical Programs

If you’re fascinated about earning a music degree by learning how to play different musical instruments, pianos are among the most wonderful instruments you can learn. Regardless of age, you can learn how to play piano from the basics to the complex stages perfectly. Remember, playing the piano is relatively effortless than other musical instruments.

Attending Physical or Online Singing Classes

Singing lessons can improve your abilities if you dream of becoming a singer. Through these lessons, you can immerse yourself in learning how to compose and sing melodies or arrange verses and rhythms. 

Whether you want to perform on stage or improve your confidence in singing in places like church or during music lessons in school, taking offline or online singing classes will also perfectly help you.

The Types of Music Degrees You Can Earn Studying Music Offline or Online

Regardless of where you choose to study for your degree, you can get any of the following degrees in music.

A Bachelor of Music

Unlike other music degrees, a bachelor of music is the most common degree you can earn from different music schools. This degree focuses on teaching performances on various musical instruments or playing a musical instrument alongside singing. 

On top of that, a bachelor of music degree also teaches music theory, ear training, private lessons, and ensembles. Your study will also include studying subjects such as liberal arts and history. 

A Bachelor of Arts

Besides getting a bachelor of music degree, you can also get a bachelor of arts. Unlike a bachelor of music, a bachelor of arts doesn’t teach much about music; instead, it focuses on the depth of arts and musical subjects. It teaches poetry, visual arts, literature, and social sciences in music.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts

Compared to other degrees in music, a bachelor of fine arts allows you to study and engage in cross-musical disciplinary studies such as electronic arts and dance. The program also teaches film, fine arts, and the use of visuals in music.

Also, if you decide to earn a music degree by studying for a bachelor of fine arts, your study will focus more on music’s artistic and creative aspects than the business or career sides.

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