How Do I Know If I Need Garage Door Repairs?

Jason Markey

Garage doors are an integral part of our homes by providing curb appeal for our homes while protecting cars and property in the garage. While you may operate the garage door every day, it is unlikely that you take time to inspect the condition of the different parts on the door unless it is not working. Garage doors can last up to 3 decades depending on how well it is taken care of throughout their usage. 

In this article, we will discuss various ways garage door repair professionals advise finding out if your door needs repairs. These are industry experts tips with a proven track record as they are offering garage door repair services in North Vancouver

If you’re experiencing the following issues in your home, your garage door may be letting you down.

High Energy Bills

Your garage door plays a bigger role than just a gateway to or out of your garage, it helps insulate your home. This is important both in the summer and winter seasons as it traps air inside your home to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your living area. When your garage door is damaged or has an unwanted opening, it allows air to escape into and out of your home, which causes a fluctuation in temperature inside your living area.

This forces your air conditioner to work harder than usual to reach a constant, comfortable air temperature throughout your living space. As a result, you will notice an increase in your energy bills. Make sure you properly inspect your garage door for any openings that might be the culprit to the air passage.

Too Much Noise

If your garage door is unusually noisy, it is a clear sign that The door needs to check for faults. Noise can show if your door needs lubricating or a repair or replacement of a specific part of the garage door system. While it is possible to lubricate the moving parts of the garage door, it is advisable to get a professional to inspect for any other problems the door might have.

Your Door is Saggy

Garage doors are supported by cords and operated by wires connected to the opener that helps in the operation of the door. The cords and wires can be strained or wear out over time which can be dangerous if not fixed sooner as they weaken until they fail to support or operate the door. 

This forces your garage door to sag. If you fail to repair the cords and wires, they could snap, damaging the door and possibly causing injuries to people and animals. Strained cords and wires become less reliable and can cause the remote control of your garage door to be ineffective or totally out of service, forcing you to replace your whole remote control system.

If Your Door Fails To Operate

When your garage door fails to open or close, then it is obvious that you need to repair it. In other cases, the door might open or close halfways even without any obstruction in sight. This could result from failure in one of the door parts, for example, springs that do the heavy lifting of the door. Most garage doors have two types of springs – extension springs and torsion springs. These springs can wear out over a long usage period.

Damage to the Door Panel

When doing your garage door inspections, you should take note of any damages on the door panels. Garage door panels are vulnerable to the weather, and when not repaired, the contents of your garage may be affected by the elements outside. If this problem is left unrepaired, it can cause it to spread throughout your garage door. This might force you to replace the entire door, which can be costly. 

If The Door Sensors Fail

The government mandates that sensors should be fitted to all garage doors to prevent the door from closing when any obstruction is sensed. These sensors are essential, especially for kids and pets who may be in danger of being crushed by the garage door.

If your door fails to stay open when an obstruction is felt, then it is time to call the professional and get this fixed as early as possible.

Your Garage Door Feels Heavy

The weight of your garage door is held by the springs that allow ease of movement when opening and closing the door. If you feel that the door is heavy when trying to operate it, then something is wrong and getting a professional to check it out is the best solution.

If you want your garage door to serve you better while preventing regular repairs, here are a few things you can do.

  • Lubricate Moving Parts – Most of the garage door problems can be solved by applying lubricants to help it operate smoothly, especially on the rollers, hinges and springs. Only use non-greasy door lubricant focusing on the parts that allow movement. Make sure you are thorough in the cold seasons. This reduces noises that can be annoying when operating the door.
  • Mandatory Service – We encourage people to service the garage doors at least twice a year (in the fall and winter) by a professional to ensure the door is in perfect condition all year round. 
  • Air Seal – As indicated earlier, your garage door plays a key role in maintaining your internal temperature. You should often check for any leaks and openings that may allow the free flow of air into or out of your home.
  • Balancing the Door – This requires you to be keener on the behaviour of your door when it is halfway open; if you notice any movement, then you should seek a professional’s help. This may be a spring that needs fixing or replacing for better functioning of the door.

Why You Need A Garage Door Professional

Safety – This is often overlooked or unknown by non-professionals when trying to repair a garage door. However, professionals understand the right guidelines to be followed to avoid injury or poor repair jobs. 

Knowhow & Experience – Professionals have dedicated themselves to the craft, making sure they qualify and pass the required certifications. This allows them to become experts and truly understand the problems with garage doors and how to fix them saving you countless hours and headaches.

Appropriate Tools – a professional is required to have the right tools for the job to ensure both effectiveness and accuracy when doing garage door repairs. Also, getting these tools would require a substantial upfront investment that most people would rather not.

Warranty – If you are not yet convinced, getting a garage door professional can help cover any risks involved in the repair job. This cover will help you get compensation in case of any damage to or by the work done.

The earlier certain garage door faults are noticed and repaired, the better for your safety and can also save you money. Ensure you seek help from certified garage door repair professionals to get the best quality of service and a lasting solution to your garage door problems.

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