How Do You Organize Your Closet to Maximize Space?

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Having a bigger closet space seems to be something most people want. Regardless of how many articles of clothing they have or how big their closets are, most people struggle to organize their closets for more space properly. If you’re always struggling with this issue, you could hire the services of professional closet organizers like More Space Place. With such experts on board, you can rest assured that you’ll see improved results soon.

A key aspect of organizing your closet is how you optimize the space available. Usually, having less space isn’t the issue; failure to properly utilize the available space is. While proper utilization may require some rethinking of what needs to be in your closet, a few expert tips tend to resolve the issue.

Tips For Maximizing Closet Space

1)Reexamine Your Needs

It’s amazing what a slight change of perspective can do, not only for a general life direction but also for seemingly trivial things like organizing your closet. Sometimes, a lack of enough closet space is due to being disorganized and tardy. Start by evaluating your current situation and what you intend to achieve as far as closet space utilization goes. Doing this will help you discover what kind of closet organizing system works best for you. For instance, using stacking containers is a simple yet effective trick to “create” more closet space. Or maybe you have things that needlessly occupy your closet; things that you don’t need. You’d be surprised at how much more closet space you’ll have once you’ve thoroughly evaluated your needs.

2) Go Vertical 

You’ll be surprised at how much closet space is left unused once you examine its vertical spaces. Something as simple as using hanging shelves can suddenly feel like more closet space has been created.

Another way of taking advantage of the vertical spaces in your closet is to use hanging drawers and hooks. Making this switch will produce surprising results as you see more closet space being utilized.

3) Use Slim Hangers

Velvet hangers are the best when it comes to saving more closet space. A problem with many wooden hangers is that they’re bulky, taking up too much space. This can leave your closet looking stuffy and full as clothes appear to burst out from the closet limit.

Using slim hangers ensures that your closet gets an instant, uniform look while conserving space.

4) Reimagine Existing Storage Solutions

The whole idea here is to repurpose whatever closet you have. For instance, could you convert a shoe closet area for hanging more clothes? Once you start getting creative, you’ll be surprised at how much more space will be available in your closet. A hollow space at the bottom of the closet meant for aesthetic design can equally be repurposed for keeping shoes and other clothing accessories. The idea is to explore all possibilities for utilizing closet space.

5) Avoid Folding Bulky Items

Most people are used to folding things like towels, duvets, bed covers, and other clothing items made of thick linen. These bulky items tend to take up a lot of space. Folding them will lead to a cramped closet as they take up a lot of space. A solution is to roll such items instead of folding them.

6) Be Mindful of Folding Clothes

If you prefer to fold your clothes, you may want to have a system for it. For instance, you can choose to have a system whereby the clothes are arranged side to side instead of stacking them one on top of the other. This is not only useful but also ensures that you can quickly locate what you want to wear when in a hurry.

7) Have a Daily Shoe Drop

For many people, kicking off their shoes as soon as they walk into their bedroom is a habit. If you’re this kind of person, a cubby system will be favorable. This involves kicking your shoes off directly into a storage solution, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about closet disorganization every single day.

8) Think Long-Term

Drop-front shoe boxes are ideal if you want to keep your shoes dust-free and in shape. It helps to think of a long-term solution that ensures both space availability and proper maintenance of your wear. Having drop-front shoe boxes is one such solution. Should you choose to change your closet’s appearance later on, you can always revert to the regular closet space while utilizing all the other methods of saving space.

Ultimately, it comes down to your preferences and how much change you want to affect in your closet to achieve seemingly more space.

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