How Do You Use Proxies With Chrome?


How Do You Use Proxies With Chrome

In the ever-growing online world and with the expansion of online services, data is accessed and exchanged on all platforms and web pages. That’s why online privacy is becoming a crucial aspect of our lives, as there are massive amounts of data about us online.

The Internet is full of sites that track our every move each time we use them. There is also a rise in cyber crimes each year. The need to protect ourselves online has never been greater. That is where proxies come in, as they are a great way of ensuring privacy, increasing security, and protecting your online business.

Today, we’re going to go over proxies, what they are, what features they offer, how they work with different browsers, and the benefits of using a proxy with Google Chrome, as well as how to use proxy in Chrome.

What is a proxy?

Let’s start with the basics. “What exactly is a proxy?” you might be asking. Well, in essence, a proxy acts like another computer, or another IP (Internet Protocol) address, between you on the client side and a website on the server side. In this way, the connection between the client and the server isn’t direct.

That helps in hiding your IP address, which helps you maintain your privacy and boosts your security. Proxies are often used to keep the user’s location hidden while allowing the user to also bypass location-specific content restrictions. Still, they have countless other uses, such as sneaker coping, social media monitoring, web scraping, SEO monitoring, etc.

What do proxies offer?

They allow users to browse the internet safely and anonymously by providing a fake IP address and hiding their real one. Proxies also act as firewalls and web filters and therefore are another layer of security for users browsing sketchy websites that can do great harm if used carelessly.

A good proxy keeps users safe and protected from everything outside the internal network. They provide a high level of privacy and increase network speeds by caching frequently used websites.

When it comes to companies, proxy servers offer proper internet usage by employees, ensuring your employees focus on their work instead of browsing social media sites, for example. They also regulate web traffic, secure your network, allow for higher bandwidth, and enable anonymity.

Proxies on different browsers

How you install and set up a proxy server depends on your operating system and browser. Although most browsers are similar, they have unique settings you must familiarize yourself with before continuing. Luckily, setting up a proxy isn’t that hard and can be done quickly.

Moreover, some browsers come with a built-in proxy, and some browsers specialize in proxies, also known as proxy browsers, as that is their main advantage. However, these built-in proxies are free, which means they aren’t the best to use, as they won’t offer decent speeds or the best security.

Nevertheless, you should know that you don’t have to look for specific proxy browsers, as you can turn any web browser into a proxy browser. That way, you can continue using your favorite browser while maintaining your online privacy and increasing security, and without worrying about how to use proxy in Chrome. 

Check out this blog post for a detailed guide on how to use proxy in Chrome. 

Benefits of using a proxy with Chrome

Millions of users use Google Suite, such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive, each day, which makes using Google Chrome a good option as well. Chances are, you’re using Google Chrome right now, as statistics show that Chrome is used by around 80% of all internet users.

Because Chrome is the most used browser out there, you should use a proxy that can pair well with it. Luckily for all Chrome users, most proxies do, and the process of adding a proxy to Chrome is quite simple and easy to get through, as it requires just a few mouse clicks after you access Chrome’s settings.

There are also many benefits to using a proxy with Chrome. In fact, it can hide your IP address really well, which you can utilize for web scraping, for example. After all, one of the most common uses of proxies is web scraping. Moreover, using a proxy with Chrome will further enhance security for an already secure browser. On top of it all, your internet speeds will improve, and the content will load faster.


Protecting yourself or your online business is essential. That’s why in this guide, we talked about proxies, what they are, how they work, and the features they offer, as well as how proxies work with different browsers and Google Chrome specifically.

Using proxies nowadays is highly recommended as cyber crimes and internet tracking are happening on a massive scale, and proxies are a great way of ensuring safety, privacy, and even anonymity.

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