How is J & J Roofing and Construction Rated?

Jason Markey

One of the biggest concerns for residential and commercial property owners is their roof and its health. Property owners are always looking for the best-rated roofing contractors in their community to care for their roofs. This is especially important because the experience and expertise of the roofer can affect the roof installation and its overall quality.

J&J Roofing in Portland, Oregon, is one of the leading roofing companies in Vancouver, WA, and has been rated highly by many property owners who have hired them. As a leader in the roofing industry, we analyze the company’s services and ratings.

What Services Does J & J Roofing and Construction Offer?

The family-owned J & J Roofing and Construction was established in 1984 and has been serving all of Clark County and Portland Metro Areas since then. The company has expanded its services over the years to meet the needs of residential and commercial property owners looking for quality roofing materials and excellent craftsmanship.

The roofing and construction company has been able to maintain quality services and keep its ratings up through a combination of skilled roofers with over 40 years of roofing industry experience. Having expanded its services, J & J Roofing and Construction now offers;

Commercial Roofing Services 

J & J Roofing and Construction understands the challenges faced by business owners, especially with running a profitable business. They offer an array of quality roofing services to commercial customers, helping them keep their businesses safe and protected from weather elements. With quality roofing services delivered on time, commercial property owners have been able to shield their employees and customers from the harsh weather elements while enjoying longer-lasting roofing solutions.

The company’s full range of commercial roofing services include;

Commercial roof repairs: J & J Roofing and Construction has a 5-star rating for commercial roofing repairs in and across its service areas. Many of their customers have attested to the quality of their repair services as well as the prompt response time from the roofers. In some reviews, customers have admitted that the roofers offer upfront pricing and free roof repair estimates before starting the job. The commercial roof repair experts work on all types of roofing materials, including TPO/PVC, EPDM, Asphalt, Metal, Composite, Wood Shake, etc.

Commercial roof installations and replacements: New commercial buildings or existing ones can take advantage of J & J Roofing and Construction’s 5-star commercial roof installation and replacement services. The company goes the extra mile to ensure that all new installations are done excellently to improve protection. Existing property owners can also leverage their roof replacement services for longer-lasting protection. The commercial roofers are familiar with all commercial roofing systems and materials, including EPDM Rubber roofing systems, TPO energy-efficient roofing systems, PVC roofing systems, and Standard Seams Metal roofing.

Commercial roof maintenance: Commercial property owners looking to prolong the lifespan of their roofs can leverage the 5-star quality roofing maintenance services offered by J & J Roofing and Construction and its roofers. The roof maintenance plan comes complete with cleaning and extends the roof’s lifespan by at least 12 years.

Gutter cleaning: The commercial gutter cleaning services rendered by J & J Roofing and Construction are rated one of the best in Vancouver, WA, and the surrounding areas. The roofers focus on getting rid of debris and organic and inorganic wastes that could clog rain gutters and cause common problems like roof rot and water damage.

Residential Roofing Services

J & J Roofing and Construction also provides 5-star residential roofing services to homeowners in and around Vancouver, WA. The company’s residential roofing solutions include;

Residential roofing replacement: The roofing team at J & J Roofing and Construction offers a 5-star roof replacement service to correct major damages that may have compromised their customer’s roofs. Roof damages are recommended when the customer’s home has suffered damages due to water leaks, damaged or missing shingles, and aging roofs. As experienced roof replacement experts, customers are walked through the replacement process and offered an array of roof replacement options to choose from, including metal, composite, asphalt, and wood shake roofing.

Residential roof repairs: The roofers at J & J Roofing and Construction offer roof repair services that address common problems like missing shingles, minor leaks, etc., affecting homeowners after a heavy storm. Their reviews show a 5-star rating for roof repair services due to the quality of service rendered, upfront pricing and free estimate, quality roofing materials, and on-time project completion.
Residential roof installations: New builds can also take advantage of the roofer’s services. Homeowners have rated them 5-star for the detail provided before and after their home’s roofing was completed. There have also been numerous customer reviews about their fair roof installation prices and timely delivery times.

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