How Long Do Magnetic Signs for Vehicles Last?


Magnetic Sign

Vehicle magnets are amazing information-sharing tools. Brands (small businesses in particular) use them to promote their products/services. Non-profit organizations can also afford to buy these cost-effective promotional materials to promote their causes. Even individual users can custom-create a large set of these signs to proudly promote their interests on their vehicles.

But, not all vehicle magnets are built to last. When shopping online, you’ll see the costs of vehicle magnets vary greatly from a seller to seller. That’s because these signs are priced on the basis of their quality. The lower the cost of vehicle magnets, the lower their quality. That’s why anyone aiming to buy magnetic signs for vehicles must find a reliable seller.

The Importance of Having Reliable Sellers

Find a reliable provider of these signs. Buy high-quality, water-resistant magnetic signs from them. Then, you can expect these signs to last for several decades. This careful approach to buying magnetic signs is even more important for small business owners. Why? Well, in the post-pandemic era, most small businesses are operating on severely reduced marketing budgets. At some firms, advertising budgets include –

  • The costs to create any marketing materials
  • Cost of design services
  • Marketing team salaries
  • Sales process costs

These firms can’t afford low-quality magnetic signs that only last for a few days. They need marketing materials that last for several years. So, choosing the right magnetic sign sellers to work with is awfully important. Once you find such sellers, ask them about how they manufacture their magnetic signs. Also, ask for thick magnetic signs. The thicker the sign, the more UV-resistant and water-resistant it will be. Go for a sign that’s at least 30 mm thick.

How Long do Magnetic Signs Last?

The life expectancy of your custom-printed magnetic signs will depend on two factors: the quality of the materials and maintenance. How well you care for your custom magnetic signs will hugely impact their long-term quality. These signs require frequent care and cleaning. Make sure to clean them with water and basic detergents every few weeks.

How Long till My Magnetic Signs Fade?

The magnetic signs on your car may remain attached to the car’s surfaces for long periods. But what’s the point if the designs/graphics on the signs start fading after a few weeks of use, right? To avoid this outcome, buy magnetic signs that are printed digitally. Ask the sellers to give their car magnets laminate protections. Getting signs with these extra coatings or protections may cost you slightly more. But, the coatings will prevent early fading. It will also prevent external pollutants and elements from causing wear and tear to your signs.

Magnetic signs with high-quality laminate protections are moisture-proof, so they don’t fade easily, irrespective of the weather conditions outdoors.

The Importance of Buying Signs with Warranties

Want your magnetic signs to last for a year or more? Buy from sign sellers who offer long warranties on their products. Top sign sellers who stand behind their products never cut corners when it comes to product warranties.

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