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How Much Does a Solutions Architect Make AWS?

When we discuss cloud computing, we generally start with AWS, one of the major players in the cloud market. AWS boasts of a significant market share, which was estimated at 47.1% of the total cloud computing market. It is the largest cloud services provider in the world at present. Reports also state that it continues to outpace the market. 

Eventually, there will be a surge in demand for professionals who are skilled, trained, and certified in AWS. Companies are clamoring for deserving candidates who have attained expertise in leveraging cloud services to the fullest. 

Numerous jobs in AWS offer lucrative salaries, the highest one being that of AWS Solutions Architect. When you look for an AWS solutions architect’s salary, you will find that it varies with location, experience, skillset, and organization. 

Do you wish to know about the job role of an AWS Solutions Architect? Are you wondering about salary aspects if you become one? Read through the lines to find it out. 

This article will let you go through the overview of AWS and what it takes to become an AWS Solutions Architect.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is a cloud computing platform subsidiary of Amazon. Generally, it offers services that are power packed with ultimate features such as computing power, storage options, on-demand content delivery, analytics, and more. All these services, if leveraged wisely, enable you to develop your sophisticated applications with enhanced reliability, scalability, and flexibility. This way, businesses can scale at reasonable costs. 

AWS enables companies to:

  • Store files safely. The best feature of a cloud platform is that files stored on the cloud are accessible from anywhere
  • Host websites on cloud-based servers
  • Store information on managed databases like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL
  • Send volume emails
  • Deliver content anywhere in the world using a content delivery network on AWS

Some of the top companies leveraging AWS services include ESPN, SPKUNK, Netflix, Unilever, General Electric, and more. The services offered by AWS are also used by medium-sized and small industries, media and entertainment, IT, logistics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, retail and eCommerce, and manufacturing. 

AWS offers around 165 services on the pay-as-you-go model. This is why AWS is so popular among small businesses, large-scale enterprises, and government agencies. 

What is AWS Solutions Architect?

As defined by AWS, ‘A Solutions Architect is the keeper of the AWS Well Architected Framework pillars, ensuring customers are following best practices, guidance, and recommendations to develop cloud solutions that are secure, resilient, efficient, and managed with operational excellence.’

So, basically, as a Solutions Architect, you are accountable for managing and handling the cloud computing architecture of your organization. You will be expected to possess an in-depth knowledge of architectural services and principles. These are specifically meant to help in cloud migration attempts, develop technical cloud strategies, guide the ways of dealing with issues of high risk, and also review workload architectures. 

You need a blend of technical, business, and people skills to work as a Solutions Architect. If you have gone through a training course that provides you with rigorous efforts on real-life projects, you will be able to be efficient at your desk. 

To make sure that developers take decisions aligned with the desired outcomes, the following are the tasks you have to perform:

  • Acknowledge the work of software and hardware systems to attain business objectives
  • Handle scalability issues
  • Understand the problems of clients and their work processes and build solutions accordingly to improve efficiency
  • Describe the technical aspects of a project to management teams and end-users
  • Work on integration issues with third-party programs

Apart from the business acumen for the related tasks mentioned above, you need to acquire the technical knowledge required to manage the architectural processes and deployment of applications within the AWS cloud platform. Some of the important ones are mentioned below. 

  • Making strategies for the successful adoption of cloud services
  • Building networking strategies
  • Monitoring and managing cloud platforms
  • Providing data security and compliance laws
  • Designing applications and deploying them on the cloud
  • Linux Operation System: executing commands in Unix and also performing containerization tasks using Docker
  • Understanding the concepts of Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript for software development along with BASH scripting
  • Understanding the tools that are specifically meant for the AWS environment, including Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, and other tools required for building and deploying applications
  • Understanding of complex project management techniques with tools in Jira

How Much Does a Solutions Architect Make?

Did you know that the average salary of an AWS-certified Solutions Architect is a whopping 30% higher than the average certified professional?

Another amazing fact: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is considered the highest-paying certification in the US and Canada.

The average annual salary of AWS decision-makers and professionals is around USD 113,261. 

Country-wise salary of AWS Solutions Architect

India – INR 674,000 to INR 24,93,285

The UK – £48,527 to £65,747

UAE – AED 155,000 to AED 478,895

Australia – AU$103,410 to AU$141,361

The US – USD 171,000 to USD 276,000

By the level of experience

At the entry-level, the average annual salary of an AWS-certified Solutions Architect is around INR 674,000 for 1-4 years. 

At a mid-career, from 5 to 9 years, you can expect an average annual salary of around INR 13,85,844. 

With an experience of over 10-19 years, you can earn around INR 19,49,574 annually. 

With more than 20 years of experience working with the AWS cloud, the average annual salary may go as high as INR 24, 93,285 or even more. 


By now, you might have decided to advance your cloud career to become an AWS-certified Solutions Architect. 

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