Tuesday, May 30, 2023

How To Choose An Agent For The Sale Of Your Property

Selling your house through a real estate agent is a good decision. There are a lot of benefits to that. Despite the good reasons you need a realtor, there are also qualities you need to look out for while hiring one. 

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All real estate agents may not represent the professional qualities attached to them. 

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Ways To Know The Right Agent

There are qualities to look out for when hiring a realtor for your property. Here are a few of them;

  1. Examine Realtors Online

While scouting for an agent, compare their response rate through online reviews. Look out for their mode of response, don’t hire anyone whose manner of approach is bad. Realtors are not hidden online. Look out for an agent that can meet your need. 

  1. Consider Referrals

One way to get a good agent is by referrals, people won’t refer someone with negative qualities. 

You can get a referral from your friend, neighbor, or relative, so ask for recommendations. 

  1. Don’t Settle For The First Agent

Meet with more than three agents and learn more about them and their services. Don’t get hooked by the first agent. 

You can ask each agent questions about their job description, compare their answers and pick one that suits you. 

  1. Share Your Communication Preferences

Everyone has a mode of communication that suits them, while interviewing an agent, disclose your preferred means of communication. 

You prefer emails to calls. If that is fine with your agent, then go for it. If otherwise, there will incompatibility in the long run. Agree on the timing for updates. Your agent should give updates when requested or on weekly basis. 

  1. Have A Standing Agreement

While interviewing a potential agent, get to know everything involved in the contract. This includes the commission, price list, number of showings, and contract duration. 

You request that your property be sold within a specific period. If it goes well with your agent, there should be a signed agreement. This covers any breach of contract in the long run. 

  1. Hire A Full-time Agent

A part-time agent may be shuttling one business to the other, making your property stay longer in the market. 

Look out for a full-time agent who has a career in real estate. Note that a part-time agent in some cases can be a newbie who’s just starting. 

Get someone with a wealth of knowledge in real estate. 

  1. Negotiation Skills

The problem of underpricing or overpricing can be avoided if you hire a realtor with good negotiation skills. 

This can only be known through reviews and referrals. A good agent should be good at negotiating closing costs, timelines, and home warranties. 

  1. Experience

Hiring a newbie may be overwhelming as they may not know what’s expected of them. Hiring an agent with at least five years of experience will be fine. 

Experience helps a lot with negotiations, understanding the seller’s motive, identifying the right buyer, and lots more. When interviewing an agent, request years of experience, certificates, and licenses. 

These are remarkable ways of identifying the right real estate agent.