Thursday, June 1, 2023

How to Help an Older Parent Suffering with Disabilities

If you have a disabled parent and they’re aging, you have to be attentive to their needs and try to give them the best living environment possible. You must also be conscious of their conditions and learn as much about them as you can. You should have their emotional needs in mind as well and try to find ways to keep their spirits up if you can. Here are a few tips provided by stairlift manufacturer that will help you take care of an older parent dealing with disabilities.

Consider a Senior Living Community

If your parent doesn’t have a partner to look after them, you’ll have to contemplate placing them in a senior living facility. This will make the workload much easier on you and prevent fatigue. They’ll also be surrounded by people who can help them and look after them 24/7.

Most cities have senior living facilities for people dealing with disabilities and medical condition, such as a memory care La Jolla retirement community if the disability is cognitive. Also, look for a community that has great accessibility and is easy for you to visit.

Don’t Do Everything Alone

You shouldn’t take all the caregiving responsibilities on our shoulders. Even if you have the best of intentions, you will get fatigued at some point and won’t be able to take care of your parent anymore. This is why you need to sit down with everyone in your direct and extended family. Contact some of their friends too. You can also look for local organizations that can help, like or the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities.

Introduce Caregivers Gradually

If you are going to hire outside help to care for your parents, you must be very careful how you introduce them if they’re suffering from severe cognitive issues. There is a strong chance that they’ll see that person as an intruder. So, if you’re going to bring in a home health aide, first have them come for a few days per week

Invest in Mobility Equipment

If your parent has difficulties with mobility,  you should see how you can make life easier for them. Some of the things you could consider are ramp systems for stairs or even elevators if you have the budget for it. You should also consider buying them a mobility cart if they can drive them. A nice cart will take them virtually anywhere they want and can help them live a much more active life.

Enrich their Social Circle

People who are dealing with cognitive disabilities do much better when they have a rich social circle. This can be difficult to build on their own, however, so try to connect them with groups in your area. Even doing something as simple as taking them to a nearby park from time to time could help them build stronger social bonds, which could slow down cognitive decline or even stop it.


These are all things that will help you take care of a disabled parent in the best way possible. First, sit down with them to assess their needs, and have as many people involved as you can.