Friday, June 2, 2023

How To Make Party Wear Dress At Home?

As the summer season nears, you are considering buying some new dresses for the summer parties! To make your shopping experience easier and more affordable, we’ve put together some tips on how to make Pakistan party wear dresses at home, complete with videos that can show you exactly how to do it! So whether you want to go out in Karachi or Lahore or Islamabad, you can dress your best without breaking the bank this summer! Also Read brother se400 vs brother se600.

Step 1: Choose a Party Dress

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s something out there for you. You can find Pakistan party wear as simple as a lehenga or as fancy as a ball gown. Choose something that will fit what kind of theme you’re going for and whatever size fits best.

Step 2: Select Lining Materials

Dresses come in varying types of materials and linings. Some are very simple and light while others can be heavy and difficult to move around in. Make sure you know what type of material it is made out of before making a purchase. Since most dresses have some kind of lining, let’s talk about different types of linings before moving on to our next step

Step 3: Cut Lining Pieces

Now that you’ve trimmed down your pattern pieces, they’re time to transfer them onto fabric. First, lay out your lining fabric. Then, using a ruler and pencil (or chalk!), draw around each piece of fabric following its grain line.

Step 4: Attach Back Lining Pieces

Sew together front and back lining pieces alongside seams. Repeat for another side of the garment. Attach Sleeves: Sew sleeves into armholes, starting from the centre of the underarm curve and ending 1/2 inch from the bottom edge of the sleeve cap.

Step 5: Attach Bottom Lining Pieces

Cut out two pieces of material, equal in size and shape to the pattern pieces you have already cut out the Pakistan party wear dress. One piece will be your bottom lining material, one-piece will be a facing that sits behind it. Keep in mind that you are going to sew the right sides together, so keep fabrics and fabric direction in mind when deciding what order you want them sewn. Sew together and then iron all raw edges flat before moving on to step 6.

Step 6: Fold and Sew Hem Lines

Fold up both sides of your dress by 1cm, as you did earlier. Sew around all sides, but leave a hole in one side to turn it inside out. Turn it inside out and press it flat. Do not worry if there are a few wrinkles—these will come out once you sew up that opening.

Step 7: Create Side Slits

Stand in front of a mirror, hold up your piece of fabric vertically, and mark where you want side slits (or gather marks) along its length. If you have long arms or legs, you might also want to make slits under them.

To create gathers, turn under small pieces of fabric until they are narrow enough and no wider than one or two inches wide. You can use pins to gather and then stitch them together later or just sew them right into place by hand.

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