Friday, June 2, 2023

Is Birth Control Effective?

One of the methods of preventing pregnancy is birth control. There are numerous birth control options, but the type of method you use and how you use it will determine how effective it is. 

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Some techniques work better than others. For your birth control method to be as effective as possible, you must use it as directed and according to the instructions. 

No method of birth control is 100% effective, and some may have negative side effects. Get to know about all the available options so you can select the best option for you.

Most Effective Birth Control Methods

  • Female and male sterilization is a kind of birth control that ends pregnancy for the remainder of a person’s life. 
  • LARC techniques, often known as long-acting reversible contraceptives, are another option. It involves inserting intrauterine devices into the vaginal or hormonal implants. 
  • The short-acting hormonal approach is another birth control method involving pills, injections, and vaginal rings. 
  • Barrier methods involve using cervical caps, condoms, sponges, and diaphragms. These methods should be utilized every time partners have sex. 
  • Natural rhythm techniques: Abstinence is the best method for preventing pregnancy. However, many couples get pregnant during the first year of their abstinence commitment because they still have sex but don’t use protection. So learning about birth control is a good idea, even for those who don’t intend to have sex. 

Couples who engage in sexual activity must use birth control effectively and regularly to avoid becoming pregnant.

For instance, the birth control pill can effectively avoid conception. But this approach is ineffective if medications are skipped. Additionally, condoms are a viable method of birth control. However, failing to use one or using one incorrectly is not a reliable method of contraception.

Abstinence and condoms don’t only prevent pregnancy but also offer some protection against sexually transmitted diseases(STDs). Condoms are also a better option because most other birth control techniques don’t offer significant protection against STDs.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Birth Control Method

It’s crucial to select a birth control method based on how effective it is. But consider this as well: 

  • How simple the birth control method is to use.
  • Whether you have a health condition or take medication, that could affect how well a specific birth control method works.
  • How much does it cost?

How To Increase The Effectiveness of Birth Control Pills

You can choose from different birth control methods. You can attempt a different approach if one doesn’t work for you. 

You will have a far decreased risk of an unforeseen pregnancy if you choose to combine two different birth control methods, such as the pill and a condom. 

Additionally, condoms offer protection from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. However, if you opt for birth control pills, here are a few tips to increase their effectiveness:

  • Take the medication at roughly the same time each day. 
  • Take your missed medication as soon as you remember if you unintentionally skip a day, then take the next pill regularly. 
  • Know which medications reduce the efficacy of the pill.