Is Vinyl Flooring Better than Laminate?

Jason Markey

Choosing the right type of flooring comes down to different factors, among them your personal preferences. Recently, there has been a shift in popularity between two types of flooring that often leave most people confused about which type is better than the other. These two types of flooring are vinyl and laminate. Vinyl is more popular and loved by most people because it commands over twenty percent of the overall flooring market compared to laminate which has about twelve percent. At the same time, vinyl flooring Installation is quick and easy, and it is popular because it’s more durable and has better water resistance abilities.

As for laminate, it also commands a higher quality appearance in terms of looks and style, meaning it’s a viable option for a flooring system that looks classical and attractive. But again, these flooring systems have similarities that make it challenging for anyone to determine the best for their needs. For example, if you want an attractive, durable, and economical flooring system, both options rise to the top. So, to determine the type that is better for your needs, the first important thing is to look at each of them and compare their differences or similarities. For instance, you can explore more about modern vinyl flooring to help you decide between the two. After that, let’s also look at them in detail so you can effortlessly determine what’s right for you.

What You Should Know About Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring became famous in the 1980s thanks to its being the first type of flooring that provides a layer of design most property owners like. Laminate is still renowned today because its manufacturers have produced better versions with unique flooring features most people admire.

For example, laminate flooring nowadays comes with four separate lawyers. It has a vinyl backing, transparent durable, photographic pattern, and higher-density fiberboard layers.

Each layer defines the flooring system and helps it offer the flooring feature that beautifies a place. For instance,  the first layer or the vinyl backing layer is the top cover that allows installers to snap each section together effortlessly, leaving the floor secure without needing it to be attached physically.

The base or the photographic pattern layer makes the largest composition of the laminate flooring board. This layer contains two sections- the high and medium fiberboards. These boards make the laminate flooring cover have features most people want, such as more resistance to moisture and other destructive floor elements.

When Might Laminate Be a Better Option?

Due to its admirable features, like being pretty much plastic, laminate is also more pliable and looks like natural wood. This way, if you’re a property owner looking for a low-cost flooring system that still contains attractive features, laminate is your best choice.

Also, laminate has an outstanding level of comfort and feels softer to touch than other types of flooring systems. So, if softness and comfort are some of the features you like in a flooring system, laminate is still your best option.

What You Should Know About Vinyl Flooring

Like laminate, vinyl flooring has been around longer than most people know. However, vinyl manufacturers changed the entire flooring system, unlike laminate, where its manufacturers strive to improve it and produce versions made of multiple layers. They introduced a version that is more luxurious and looks like laminate.

At the same time, the new vinyl flooring system also has tiles that are also more luxurious and appears like laminate covers. For example, the backing vinyl layer is one of the market’s latest and most luxurious vinyl flooring layers. 

This layer looks like laminate planks and is easy to install, even for do-it-yourself property owners. As a result, vinyl beats laminate because it is more seamless to install and maintain due to its new versions.

When Might Vinyl Be a Better Option?

For vinyl to be your best choice, you must consider factors such as the moisture level in your place, traffic of wear and tear, and the type of flooring you want. If you need a floor system that looks more realistic like wood, then vinyl is not the best option for your needs.

But, if you want a floor system that is superior in moisture resistance and ideal for places like your laundry rooms, bathrooms, or even basements, then vinyl is your best choice.

However, in summary, choosing between vinyl and laminate can be challenging because both flooring systems have similarities that can be hard to distinguish. But still, to know the type that best fits your needs, you can do so by looking at the features of your place, such as its moisture level.

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