Latest iOS 14.7 beta fixes a bug that caused certain network names to disable iPhone’s WiFi: Latest Ios Wifimiller9to5mac


Latest Ios Wifimiller9to5mac: Some iOS users have discovered that their iPhone’s WiFi would turn off after a device name with a space in it was entered into the WiFi network list. For most of these users, when they re-entered the same information without the spaces, their iOS device’s wireless capability worked as expected. Fortunately, Apple released an update to fix this specific bug — and it is now available to download in its newest beta release.

The first developer beta of iOS 14.7 was released on Tuesday, December 18 , in addition to the third beta of watchOS 5.1, the fifth beta version of tvOS and the seventh beta version of macOS Mojave 10.14.2 beta. If you can see a space character in the name of your WiFi network, do not enter a space character when adding it to your list of WiFi networks on your device as it can cause your iPhone not to connect to WiFi .

If you cannot see a space character but your iOS devices still do not connect to WiFi, try deleting any network names with the space where they are normally entered. For example, if your iPhone’s WiFi network is named “Home” and you want to replace that name with “home”, delete “Home” and enter the new name and then select Save. If you do not want to use this workaround and want to enter the proper name without spaces, use Apple’s new text editing tool in iOS 14.7 beta.

In iOS 14.7, you can use the Return button right after you type a space character to exit the text field and then type the same space character again without exiting the text field. This will prevent the space from appearing in your network name. Once you have typed a few characters, you can use the Return button to exit the text field and then add another space character by using the virtual keyboard’s space bar.

Without a space, however, you cannot add a dash or hyphen (-) to your WiFi network name. In order to delete a space character, you must discover how to use Apple’s new text editing tool in iOS 14.7 beta because there is no Delete button on the virtual keyboard anymore. Instead, you must use the Return key.

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