Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Make Your Home Sacred with a Wooden Pooja Mandir!

Instead of simply decorating your home with any old decoration, why not go a step further and make it sacred? A Pooja Mandir or prayer room is an excellent way to create a sacred space in your house. It brings you closer to spiritualism and helps you connect with the Almighty. Indeed, many people prefer to keep wooden Pooja Mandir in USA than any other type of home temple. This piece will teach you how to make a wooden pooja mandir at home and what must-have things you need to do so.

What is a Pooja Mandir?

A Pooja Mandir is a special room for religious worship. It may or may not have images of deities, but it must be clean, well-lit, and decorated with fresh flowers and incense. These Mandirs are usually made of marble or wood. Although Pooja Mandir is mainly used for Hindu religious rituals, people from all religions can have a Mandir in their homes. Pooja is a Sanskrit word that means adoration, praise, gratitude, or a prayer. Pooja Mandir is a room where you can perform pooja in the company of family and friends.

Wooden Pooja Mandir Design Tips

While designing your Pooja Mandir, keep the things in mind that it should be: 

  • Peaceful, clean, and well-lit. 
  • Place where you can sit and meditate or pray. 
  • Place where you can come with your entire family or a few friends to perform a puja. 
  • Help if you placed it in a room away from traffic, noise, and public view. 
  • Where you can store Pooja items like flowers, incense, holy books, etc. 
  • Where you can place an idol or images of the deity you pray to most frequently.

What to put in your Pooja Mandir

Some of the belongings that you should keep in Pooja Mandir include flowers, incense, a diya (a small clay pot with sandalwood fragrance oil and a cotton wick inserted), flowers, kalash (a small metal pot that contains water with a few flower petals), a bell or a gong, a mala (a prayer rosary), a coconut, a bowl filled with water, a bowl filled with rice, a vessel containing milk, a vessel containing Ghee (clarified butter), a bowl of dal (lentils), a bowl of sugar, a bowl of curd (yogurt), a bowl of honey, a bowl of rice, a bowl of salt, a bowl of water, an offering of fruits or sweet dish, a tray with a few incense sticks or cones in it, a shallow vessel to keep wicks, ash, sandalwood powder, a vessel containing sweet or savoury items, a vessel containing water, a vessel containing milk, a vessel containing Ghee, a vessel containing curd, a vessel containing honey, and a vessel containing rice.


How to make a Pooja Mandir at home

If you want to make a Pooja Mandir at home, here are a few tips: First, decide where and what size your pooja mandir should be. It can be any size or shape, as long as it is clean and quiet. It can be located in a spare room or a corner of a room. A Pooja Mandir can be made out of any material like wood, marble, or stone. If you want to make it out of wood, ensure it is clean and has no insects. Second, wash the walls with soap and water, allowing them to dry completely. Third, spread a clean piece of cloth on the floor. Fourth, put the Pooja items in their appropriate places. And finally, light up a few incense sticks in your Pooja Mandir and pray!

Final Words: 

A Pooja Mandir is a place where you can perform prayers, meditate, and feel closer to the Almighty. You can make a wooden Pooja Mandir at home or buy one. A Pooja Mandir is an excellent way to make your house sacred. You can also make pooja mandirs out of metals like silver and gold. To check various Pooja Mandir designs, including wooden Pooja Mandir in USA, you can visit DivineWoodNCraft