Get to Know Mephimmy: Vietnam’s Leading Online Streaming Platform



Are you searching for a fresh new way to watch TV in your living room? Do you want to be entertained and excited, without having to worry about what’s censored? Then you’ll want to learn more about myphimmy!

With myphimmy, you can easily find the best shows straight from Vietnam and all over the world. You can access thousands of TV shows, movies and series online. You can also create your own lists and profiles to keep track of your favorite shows and actors.

You’ll find myphimmy perfect for anyone who likes to watch TV online without having to worry about what’s censored!

No matter if you are a novice or an expert, myphimmy is the place for you. It’s the most popular online streaming platform in Vietnam, and has a host of interesting, exciting features.

Interesting Features of myphimmy

1) Watch your favorite shows and movies online, anytime, anywhere

2) Discover the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows and series in one place, updated regularly to keep you excited and entertained. There are lots of Vietnamese shows available on! The site is also open to international producers who want to reach out to a Vietnamese audience.

3) Find out what people like you think of a show. Rating and reviews help you find the best shows as voted by other users. You can also create your own list of shows to keep track of your favorite programs.

4) Use private browsing in the app, which lets you see the content without saving cookies or browsing history on your device, so no one will notice what you are watching.

5) Use a fake IP address to be anonymous and protect your privacy.

6) Interact with other people in real time across the world from different devices, using the app’s instant messaging tool.

7) Watch movies and series in HD quality. You can also access this feature on – follow this link to find out more:

Is it safe to use myphimmy?


The site has been used by thousands of people (and counting) without any problems. It’s very easy to use and is no more dangerous than watching TV on your computer. If you have any questions about myphimmy, feel free to leave a message in the comments section below.

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