Friday, June 2, 2023

Minea : Adspy tool to find winning products

Dropshipping and ecommerce can be difficult, especially if your tools and strategies are not designed to help you find the best product. However, there are many research tools available to help you find the right product.

It can be difficult to choose the right option. This article will introduce you to Minea, one of the most powerful product research tools. Let’s find out more about Minea and its features. Also, how to quickly find the right product.

What is Minea?

Minea monitors social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others to help you find trending products. This tool allows you to analyze all social media ads with intelligent algorithms.

While most product-finding tools only use information from Facebook, Minea analyzes Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok as well.

Minea allows you to filter and examine the advertisements in order to identify and sell high-potential items on your online shop. With Minea, you can also filter your searches according to your own criteria. 

Why should you try minea?

Here are some reasons to choose Minea over other Adspy tools.

·      Easy to use and time-saving

A few years back, product researchers used to manually check social media news feeds looking for new ads. This was tedious and time-consuming. Minea has changed this.

Minea can help you save time and find the right product. Minea allows you to view all social media ads via Minea’s advertising library. This makes it easier to find trendy products.

Minea provides relevant information on ads and also assists you in analyzing competitors by providing relevant information.

·      Advanced Filtering

Minea’s filters can help you optimize your product search. These are the main filters.

·        Keywords: This option allows you to search for, find and identify ads using the keywords that you have specified.

·        View date of Ads: Filter by view date to see the latest social media ads from your competitors. You have a greater chance of selling your product if the ad was posted recently.

·        Country: Select large countries such as the United States, France or Spain in the filter. These countries tend to develop new product trends. By spying on ads from these countries, you can find trending products.

·        E-commerce platform: Shopify and WooCommerce have become the most used platforms for dropshipping shops. You can only display products from dropshipping shops by optimizing your results.

·        Interactions: Ads interact if people like, share, comment or comment on them. If you are looking for a product that is successful, it is important to prioritize advertisements that have received the most interaction from users.

·        Media type: Some people prefer videos as ads. A video advertisement can highlight the many benefits of using a product.

·      Influence Marketing Feature

Minea allows you to find influencers for influence marketing. It will also let you know which influencers you should avoid. With Minea, With Minea, you will no longer lose your money by collaborating with unprofitable influencers. 

Each influencer’s conversion rates, niche, country and audience will be revealed to you. You’ll be able to access information on the most recent product placements and how they performed.

Influence marketing, which is a combination of ads and influence marketing, is a great way to quickly make your product known. It is not enough that an influencer has millions upon millions of subscribers.

There is no correlation between sales and the number of subscribers. Influencers’ conversion rates are therefore the most important factor. However, influencers rarely reveal their conversion rates.

Minea will provide all relevant information regarding influencers. Minea’s Influencer Search Tool can help you identify the top influencers in your niche.

Before you start your influencer marketing strategy, take a look at the different brands that use influencer marketing as their main marketing strategy.  

This brand spy feature will allow you to see the various strategies these brands use. Minea is a comprehensive product-finding tool that combines all of these features.

·      Get in on the Brands

Minea allows you to monitor the top brands in your niche. You can access all information regarding their strategies to grow your business by using Minea.

The Minea app allows you to search for multiple products through a simple interface. Minea will select ten products to display on the main interface. This list is updated every day.

Minea’s algorithm takes into account many factors when deciding which ten products are the best. If you don’t wish to choose from the list, it is possible to access the advertising library and perform your search.

Click on the name of a social network to open its ads’ database. You will see a variety of advertising options, including product sales ads, as the default.

Filters allow you to filter results to suit your needs. Filtering by publication date or multiple interactions, platform type or country will quickly reveal your most-performing items.


Minea is the best tool for finding winning products in the online retail market. All the information you need to discover winning products is available in Minea.

The app’s filters will help you optimize your search results, and the shop analysis function allows you to see what your competitors are doing.

Minea allows you to find products and also allows you to do influencer marketing.