New Company, War Tactical, Launches Line of Extremely Affordable Warcat Holsters

Umair Akram

TTAG gets many press releases, however, just a few make it out of our inboxes and onto the site. Not going to lie, holsters have a difficult time status out sufficient to warrant publishing a press launch on one. But War Tactical (that is new a sister organization of Alien Gear) stuck our eye with a brand-new production technique and a competitive charge point $ 17. seventy-six with more features.

War Tactical Introduces Game-Changing Holster

War Tactical, the most up-to-date call-in firearms add-ons, and tactical equipment, formally released its logo with the debut of a progressive new appendix deliver holster. Designed for top overall performance with a minimalist approach, War Tactical has created a thinner, lighter, and more potent holster than well-known Kydex holsters presently to be had elsewhere. Additionally, War Tactician’s superior production technique permits those holsters to be made at a far decreased fee to the consumer, even together with concealment-improving claw and wedge add-ons. Using modern-day 3-d modeling, precision injection molding, and mainly combined polymers, War Tactical can repeatably produce top-first-class holsters completely withinside the USA, and at a decreased fee than different holster brands. For a fragment of the common holster charge, accountable residents can now with no trouble hide America’s most-famous concealed-deliver firearms. War Tactical became born out of the need for an expert grade holster at a handy charge and has invested in doing so. The low charge doesn’t suggest low first-class. Every War Tactical holster is sponsored via way of means of a “Nine Lives Warranty” offering generations of self-belief and producer support.“In one of these aggressive firearms and tactical markets, War Tactical brings first-class holster production to the subsequent level,” stated Sandi Little, COO of War Tactical. “We don’t simply make tactical equipment; we make tactical equipment better.”

About War Tactical:

War Tactical is primarily based completely withinside the United States and manufactures the whole thing completely from our facility in Northern Idaho. War Tactical is proud to hire army and regulation enforcement veterans, aggressive shooters, and firearms lovers to make sure that our mindset suits yours.


  • Accuracy Molded Shape: Injection shaped to the specific gun it is intended for, guaranteeing that there is a right fit for legitimate maintenance as well as security of covering the trigger watchman.
  • Movable Retention: Simply change the maintenance of the holster by fixing or relaxing the maintenance screw of the holster to your definite loving.
  • Movable Cant and Ride Height: arrangement the holster for the ideal draw by changing how the holster will ride inside the belt (IWB)
  • Covered Carry Design: moderate holster to be worn inside the belt (IWB) with an untucked shirt over it. This holster incorporates a wedge and hook connection as these further forestalls any printing and can likewise further develop solace.
  • Made in the USA: Designed and produced here in the United States of America.

The Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster from War Tactical:
Intended to be essentially as moderate as conceivable while staying secure and agreeable. Being infusion shaped to the specific gun, we can make an ideal fit for how the trigger gatekeeper is covered with practically no overabundance mass. Also actually holding many highlights. You can change the maintenance with the very screw that permits you to utilize an included hook connection that betters concealability by shifting the hold back towards your body, following the belt line. There is an extra wedge connection that likewise helps camouflage and solace by changing the focal point of gravity of the gun comparable to your belt, assisting it with remaining upstanding. The wedge is made of a delicate pad like material that guides in solace too. All of this together permits the holster to ride on the beltline all the more easily by not having to continually change and rework

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