Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Profile of PodSwap, a startup offering a battery replacement service for Apple’s AirPods, and a great example of why we need right-to-repair legislation: Profile Podswap Apple

Profile Podswap Apple: Since those first few days, when many of us were wearing our Apple AirPods and having a great deal of fun with them, they started losing power quickly. Maybe they began to misbehave while charging or the battery stopped working altogether. The team at PodSwap offers to replace these batteries for $59 (with a coupon) and will also provide spare cases and chargers with your replacement battery so that you can be up and running again. When you are in need of a spare battery or charging case for your AirPods, PodSwap is there for you with a battery replacement service and a ‘take back’ on any used products.

It was a bit hard to find sometime back, but now there’s an official website ( PodSwap.com ) up… with current prices, ordered batteries and shipping times. Check it out and spread the word!

Hey folks, just a quick note on how to get your battery replaced. When you get your replacement, they’ll send it with a new case and charger. If you don’t need the replacements, consider donating them to someone who does.

Go to PodSwap.com . Click “get Started” Signup for an account – use a valid email address and an easy password (no spaces, etc) Check your email for a confirmation link. Check your junk mail – it will likely be caught by spam filters. Check your account. You should see a yellow box that says “Please confirm your email. The system has sent you an email with a link to confirm your account.” Click the link in the yellow box and verify that you actually want an account on PodSwap.com Login to your account and put in your shipping address, contact info, phone number, etc.

Then, after you order a battery replacement, PodSwap’ will send a new spare case and charger (if it’s compatible with your AirPods), along with the battery.