Reasons & Benefits for Using VLC Media Player


Reasons & Benefits for Using VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is a cross-platform tool you can use for free. The app boasts 360-degree video views, Chromecast support, and other features. In addition, it is an open-source player that can effortlessly handle any media file users throw at it. Here are some reasons why you must use and download VLC for Mac and Windows. 

Quickly Convert Videos to a Format of Your Choice

One of VLC’s hidden features is converting a video to another format. First, click on media > click Convert/Save from the toolbar. Then, click the Add button in the open media dialog box and select the media file you wish to convert. 

Then, click on the Convert/Save dropdown and select Convert. Next, click Profile on the dropdown menu and choose the file format you want to convert the file into. Next, you can click on the dropdown menu and select the location where you want to save the converted file. After that, click Start. 

It can be used as a Video Downloader for YouTube

Although there are several free downloaders for YouTube, the VLC media player stands out from the rest. VLC has this feature built-in, and you can quickly download the files you need from YouTube. 

Click on Media > click Open Network Stream. Then, paste the YouTube URL and click the Play button. VLC will start to stream the video, and then click Tools > click Codec Information. 

You’ll see a location box at the window’s bottom. Copy the URL in the box and paste it into your browser’s address bar. The web browser will start to play the video file, and you can even download the file to your desktop by clicking on the video. Then, select Save Video As or choose to record the video. 

It is a Graphic Equalizer for Your Music

The VLC media player can be used exclusively as a video player. In addition, the cross-platform media player boasts fully-fledged audio effects and offers playlist support. 

The media player displays cover art and offers an excellent graphic equalizer. The equalizer can be called up with the shortcut keyboard combination of Control + E. Alternatively, you can go to Tools > click Effects and Filters > click Audio Effects. The sound quality of the media file can be adjusted with the available presets, or you can fine-tune it with the Equalizer, Spatializer, and Compressor tabs. 

Listen to Podcasts and Radio

The ability to find and play radio stations and podcasts is one of the most underrated features of the VLC media player. The player can fulfill your audio needs. Launch the player and open the playlist sidebar by pressing Control + L. Ensure the playlist view is set to List. You can browse the two radio servers under the Internet tab and select the station you want by clicking on it. The two available stations are Icecast and Jamendo. 

If you don’t find your favorite radio station, you can use the station’s URL to stream it through VLC. First, head to media > click open network stream and enter the URL. Then, press play to listen in.

On the same playlist interface, you can manage your favorite podcasts. You can play podcasts in VLC by going to Playlist > select Podcasts under the Internet section > click the plus sign > copy and paste the RSS feed URL of the podcast > click OK. 

Universal Media Player

The VLC media player can play almost all types of files you have on your device. It is a universal media player that plays video and audio file types. There’s no other media player that can achieve this so effortlessly and for free. 

Record Live Videos 

You can record live videos from the VLC media player. It is a massive benefit for those fans of YouTube and other similar websites. 

It is also a great feature because you can save anything you wish to watch and watch it as many times as you want. It means you can make copies of DVDs and VCDs to enjoy or share with your friends.

Besides these, the Additional Benefits and Reasons for Using the VLC Media Player are:

  • All the existing operating systems support the media player. 
  • With VLC, you are not limited to playing only the video and audio files stored on your computer. You can directly stream files online and play them on the media player. 
  • There’s no need to download and install additional files to make the media player function. 
  • It is a portable media player because you can install it on any device, including iPad, iPhone, Android devices, computer, etc. 

The Bottom Line

The VLC media player has emerged as a media player of choice, and most users are installing it on their devices. If you haven’t yet, it is high time to consider. Hopefully, the benefits and reasons mentioned in this guide will assist you in making the right decision.

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