Saliva Drug Tests – Everything You Should Know!


A saliva drug test uses a sample of your saliva to identify certain chemicals in your body. Saliva drug tests are utilized in a variety of contexts, including workplaces as well as treatment centers. Compared to traditional drug tests that involve taking a sample of somebody’s hair, urine, blood, as well as sweat, these tests are much more affordable and far less invasive.

What chemicals can be detected by saliva drug testing, how quickly results can be obtained, and many other details are covered in this article. So for your benefit as well as to be more aware, you should read this article until the very end.

What exactly is a saliva drug test?

One kind of screening test used to assess drug use is the saliva drug test. It is also referred to as a saliva drug test or even an oral fluids drug test.

As an alternative to urine drug tests, saliva testing is growing in popularity. They are much simpler to utilize. The specimens are collected by the person doing the test, making it extremely difficult to manipulate them.

They are used for pre-employment screening, random and perhaps even periodic screening, as well as post-accident review. When they suspect someone is driving while under the influence of marijuana or other drugs, many police agencies conduct checkpoint drug screenings using saliva samples.

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What’s the procedure for a saliva drug test?

Using a long Q-tip covered in a sponge-like substance, a saliva drug test or mouth swab drug test collects a sample of your saliva. Sweeping the underside of the tongue as well as the inside of the cheek is how it is done. The test administrator or you will take the swab. It is also worth mentioning that a saliva drug test or also known as a mouth swab drug test, takes about 1 to 3 minutes.

Furthermore, there is no need for you to conduct any kind of test preparation. Around 10 minutes before the test, you are normally instructed to abstain from food and liquids. Appropriate saliva drug test results might be affected by food, drinks, medications, as well as mouthwash.

It is possible to do a mouth swab drug test on-site, such as in a workplace or at the location of the incident, as well as in a specialized lab as well as a specimen collection location. To find out if the person’s body contains any evidence of restricted substances, the samples will either be immediately examined on-site or submitted to a facility for analysis.

To find out if the person’s body contains any evidence of restricted substances, the samples will either be immediately examined on-site or submitted to a facility for analysis. If the initial screening produces a non-negative test result, a lab will do a highly sensitive confirmation screening, and a full medical evaluation may be conducted to ensure correctness. This action is crucial.

A prescription or over-the-counter medicine that caused a false-positive drug test may have been used by the subject being tested. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) may check the patient’s submitted medical information and, if necessary, get in touch with their doctor or pharmacy to confirm any prescriptions.

What can be tested with a saliva drug test?

There are drug screenings with many panels that can identify a variety of drugs, as well as saliva tests that can identify just one substance, like alcohol or marijuana swabs. Typically, this consists of widely-abused substances like:

•       Alcohol

•       Benzodiazepines

•       Amphetamines

•       Opioids

•       Phencyclidine

•       Opiates

•       Cocaine

•       Methamphetamine

•       Barbiturates

•       Marijuana

How reliable is a mouth swab drug test?

When done properly, a mouth swab drug test is comparatively accurate. Additionally, mouth swabs are frequently performed by a supervisor as well as an administrator, making it more challenging for the subject of the test to mess with the samples.

Quick oral fluid testing methods, kits, as well as lab tests all have varying degrees of accuracy. One study, for instance, discovered that a mobile saliva test method was 97.5% more accurate than a lab-based saliva test. Additionally, accuracy may differ based on the method used to collect the sample, the drug kind and concentration, and whether or not saliva flow was increased.

For instance, it has been demonstrated that oral fluid producers like chewing gum or sweets containing citric acid can reduce concentrations of cocaine, methamphetamine, as well as codeine by 2 to 6 times, 2 to 4 times, as well as 5 times, respectively.

Factors affecting the reliability of the results

A mouth swab drug test’s ability to identify drugs is affected by several conditions, according to research. For instance, it has been demonstrated that consuming food or liquids within Ten to Fifteen minutes of the test can affect the results. A saliva test’s accuracy may also be affected by other factors. These consist of the following:

•       How much of the drug was consumed

•       The frequency of drug use

•       The quality of the drugs (which can be influenced if other drugs are mixed with them)

•       Age

•       The health of the kidneys and liver

•       Metabolic rate and body mass

•       The body’s water content

Which is more accurate – the saliva drug test or the urine drug test?

Drug tests performed on urine and blood are often more accurate than those performed on saliva, but they must still be utilized properly. Urine drug testing was shown to be more probable than oral testing to identify general substance use, according to research comparing urine as well as saliva drug tests.

One saliva test, 9 urine tests, and two tests using both methods were used to identify the twelve positive drug test results. The longer detection time of urine drug tests also makes them a better option for detecting someone’s past drug use.

When can you expect results?

The type of swab used will determine how long it takes for a mouth swab drug test to get results. For instance, certain mouth swab drug tests call for laboratory analysis. On-site interpretation is available for various drug test outcomes.

Results from a mouth swab drug test that must be sent to a lab should be available in less than 24 hours. Results for on-site interpretable mouth swab drug tests can be obtained in a matter of minutes.


Saliva is used in mouth swab drug testing, a drug-screening method, to find numerous chemicals in your system. By now, you should know that these tests are simple and painless, with results sometimes being available right away. The best tests for identifying recent drug use are typically mouth swab tests.

Some employers will also demand drug tests before hiring. It’s also important to know that drug testing through mouth swabs is less invasive and more affordable than drug testing via blood or saliva sample collection.

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