Tanning Guide for Skin Types 4 and 5


Do you have light brown or olive skin? Can you stay under the sun for longer without burning? Then you have skin type 4, according to the Fitzpatrick skin type system. You can tan beautifully! 

If you have dark skin, then your skin type is 5. This type of skin rarely burns. Although you may need no tan because you are already a golden color, some of you may want to go a shade deeper. That’s no problem. You can easily hop inside a tanning bed without worries of burning your skin. 

Choice of salon 

You don’t have sensitive skin, yet you must be particular about the choice of salons. You don’t burn doesn’t mean you can step inside just any salon that says “tanning.” 

Search for the “best tanning salon near me” and be finicky about your choice. You want only the best results, don’t you? 

For skin type 4

As you enter the salon, the experts present there would examine your skin. It is good if you know your skin type in advance. That way, you can know whether the experts are truly experts in their field! 

You can stay inside the tanning bed for more minutes than people with skin types 1, 2, and 3. 

For skin type 5

As said earlier, you already have a natural tan! Yet, if you wish to go darker, you can prefer to tan inside a tanning bed in one of the prestigious tanning salons in Boca. 

Many people with skin type 5 sunbathe. That’s fine too, as your skin is lesser prone to skin cancer. However, sunbathing takes time to give you a nice tan. Sunbed tanning can do the deed within minutes. 

Sunbed Tanning schedules for skin types 4 and 5

  • First session: 3 minutes
  • Second session: 4 minutes
  • Third session: 5 minutes
  • Fourth session: 5 minutes
  • Fifth session: 6 minutes
  • Sixth session: 6 minutes

Tanning schedule for skin type 5 is same upto the third session. After that, you can have an additional 1 minute in the fourth and fifth sessions, while in the last session, you can stay in the tan bed for upto 8 minutes. 

People with skin type 4 can stay upto a maximum of 7 minutes in sunbed tan, while those with skin type 5 can stay upto a maximum of 10 minutes. 

Please remember that these are general recommendations. In Boca Raton, tanning salon experts are particular about their customer’s skin safety. They analyze the skin and then create a schedule that suits your skin best. Tanning time also depends on skin condition. 

What about skin type 6?

We aren’t mentioning skin type 6 because this skin is black. No tan can affect this skin color. People with black skin rarely burn and they have a higher tolerance to sun exposure. 

Tanning in Coral Springs

Guess what? There is an amazing tanning salon in Coral Springs! If you are tired of sunbathing and wish to step inside a tan bed, visit the salon and schedule a session. Remember to prep your skin first.

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