All About the 10m Kyckeely Theblock


the 10m Kyckeely Theblock

The 10m Kyckeely Theblock is a fascinating kyckler, with the power to change the way you think and feel.

It may appear an innocent enough creature, but it has captured the hearts of many with its soothing nature. Today we’re going to be talking about this plucky little one, and what makes it so special.

What’s in a name?

The 10m Kyckeely Theblock got its name courtesy of one of its creators, Mr. Harry Whittier Frees.  He named it Kyckeely because it was a combination of a small bird and a witch. A small bird is called an ickle and he thought it was appropriate since it looks like one. As for the ending; “I t’ Block” is the way you say block backwards, which is what the creature strikes like when used as a weapon.

Where did it come from?

The 10m Kyckeely Theblock was first discovered by Mr. L.G. Smith, in the year of 1944 in England . He was walking through the English countryside with his friend Mr. Frees, when he came across a small creature that looked like a tiny doll riding on an old tree stump. Frees picked it up and took it home for further study, where he and Smith dissected it to find out what made this Kyckeely tick. Theplucky little one looked like a doll and was made out of very fine materials. It was so delicate that it took the two men most of a day to fully dismantle it, and they didn’t quite get it back together again.

Not quite as extreme as cats though, but still fairly serious.

According to Mr. Frees; “The Kyckeely made soft cooing noises, and started to purr loudly when I rubbed the spot between its ears with my finger. I named it ‘Kyckeely’ because it had the head of a small bird and the body of a female witch.”

So, what did they find out?

Frees and Smith discovered that the Kyckeely’s heart was made up of four tiny chambers, which pumped blood throughout its internal organs. They found out this little creature also had its own unique DNA that was different from any other creature on the planet. They used this to help discover their species. Once they’d done this, it was given its own name, as mentioned above.

So how did it go?

Well, it didn’t go too well. They couldn’t get the Kyckeely to be able to generate any kind of power. It just lay there like a limp rag doll with a smile on its face. It would never move or respond no matter what you did to it. The Kyckeely was simply too delicate to be of any use when it came to fighting.

The only way you could hear the Kyckeely react at all, is if you stood really close to it and yelled. The little creature would then make a noise like a wounded rabbit, but this would stop as soon as you put your ear next to it. It was discovered that the Kyckeely enjoyed listening to soft music and making small talk with others.

The only way this kyckler could really be of any use was if it had some kind of special power, but they couldn’t find any.

How did they dispose of it?

Mr. Frees and Mr. Smith decided the best thing to do with the Kyckeely was cut it into four pieces and throw them into the sea where they would probably be eaten by a great white shark. So that’s what they did.

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