The best ski resorts in the world


The best ski resorts in the world

The top top ski resorts in the world with endless beauty, well-developed infrastructure and trails of varying difficulty. Places where skiers and snowboarders will have a good time, and beginners will master the basics of extreme sports.

The best luxury ski resorts

For the most demanding and affluent travelers created resorts of the highest level with luxury hotels and restaurants located in nearby villages or directly on the slopes. In such towns you will definitely find designer clothes stores, entertainment complexes, beauty salons and spa centers, so you can spend your time not only doing sports, but also taking care of yourself. Check our site here

Lech, Austria – the most snowy resort in Europe

A favorite destination of celebrities, bohemians, and royalty. Particular attention is paid here to cleanliness and ecology – all the buildings are heated exclusively with firewood. In order not to spoil the appearance of the village, the pipes are laid underground. Also in Lech there is a ban on the installation of satellite dishes, and noisy parties are very few.

The resort is located at an altitude of 1500 m and has a special climate, thanks to which the snow cover remains until the end of April.

Lech is part of a network of resorts located higher up the slope – Zürs and Oberlech. They are accessible only by chairlift, but there are 95 funiculars: cabin, chairlift, and rope tow lifts. Southern slopes are for children, beginners and intermediate skiers, while the northern slopes are for professionals.

Overall area of the resort 230 hectares has 55 slopes, the longest of which is 5 km. Artificial snowing occupies no more than 17-18% of the entire area.


  • Huge area and an abundance of trails of varying levels of difficulty;
  • Top class hotels and gourmet restaurants;
  • Quiet and secluded atmosphere;
  • Picturesque landscapes;
  • Care of the environment;
  • Its own unique attraction “White Ring” 22 km long.


  • Few noisy activities;
  • Snowboarders and freestylers will not be interesting here.

Lech – a great place for seclusion or family vacation on winter vacations, although the young people here will seem a bit dull. However, the rooms in the hotels have to be booked several months in advance.

Aspen, Colorado (USA) – the most expensive resort in America

The resort has four ski areas with a total length of 200 km, and there is room for skiers of all skill levels. There are chairlifts that take skiers to the top, offering a bird’s-eye view of Aspen and local beauty.

Buildings in the village are built mostly in Victorian style, with restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, stores, and souvenir shops for visitors. Many celebrities have their own lodging here and enjoy spending time at this resort in winter and summer.

Aspen often hosts World Cup skiing competitions. There are only four slopes, and one elevator leads to them, but there are no long lines. But there are slopes for all tastes: from children’s to the most difficult routes with lots of obstacles. You can get here by plane, train or private helicopter.


  • Many hotels of different “stars”;
  • Magnificent scenery at any time of year;
  • The snow season lasts 5 months – from November to April;
  • Different in complexity of the tracks;
  • Entertainment centers and regular activities;
  • There are children’s playgrounds and instructors teaching skiing.


  • Expensive;
  • Few ropes courses.

Aspen is all done on the principle of “expensive-rich,” but for someone with average income (by American standards) such a vacation is quite affordable. In the town there are not only premium hotels, but also on 2-3 stars, with no less quality service. There are restaurants at the tops where you can eat lunch, warm up with hot tea and continue the entertainment.

Courchevel, France – the famous resort complex

Rich tourists are welcomed here with French hospitality, luxury and comfort. Courchevel is situated in the Three Valleys mountain area and is essentially a symbiosis of 7 separate resorts. There are 102 pistes ranging from green to black, but the slopes are either gentle and smooth or steep and undulating.

After mastering the slopes, tourists are offered recreation in restaurants, bars and night clubs, recuperate in spas, saunas, or swim in the pool. For children organized by special schools, nurseries and crèches, where you can leave the crumbs of 6 months and a full program of rest. To explore Courchevel from above, you can order a hot air balloon flight.


  • A lot of snow up to 7 m thick;
  • A mild climate – in the midwinter the temperature does not drop below -10 ° C;
  • A lot of entertainment centers;
  • It is possible to leave children under supervision in kindergartens and schools;
  • Stores with special equipment (you can order online);
  • 174 elevators;
  • Tasty cuisine.


  • Courchevel airport runway does not accept all planes.

The best elevator system is ready to carry up to 200,000 tourists to the peaks in one hour. The only disadvantage of Courchevel is considered a dangerous airport, which will not land every pilot, so to get here is better by car, bus or train.

The latter option is the cheapest and slowest, but on the way you can admire nature and local attractions.

Best middle class ski resorts

Not all resorts are overpriced, attracting the attention of the rich. There are more affordable and popular places where you can ski and relax with just as much comfort. These are mostly European countries or Argentina, with its largest resort in South America, Cerro Castor.

Cortina, Italy – queen of the Dolomite Alps

An average resort with an unassuming array of attractions, including a modern art gallery, a parish church, local squares and gorgeous scenery.

The tourist town has hotels, stores with brand name items, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. On the slopes, tourists are waiting for snowboarding and ski slopes with their own levels of complexity. After skiing you can go for a walk through the snow-covered streets of the village and visit the cozy cafes.

Cortina is situated at 1224 m above sea level and is the sunniest valley of the Dolomites. The weather is always perfect. The total length of trails is 140 km, of which 11 km is the longest obstacle course. The remaining routes are distributed as follows: 5 green, 42 blue, 19 red and 8 black.


  • Mild climate and clear, sunny weather;
  • Long and varied trails;
  • Low traffic;
  • More than 450 elevators;
  • Suitable for beginner skiers and intermediate skiers;
  • Inexpensive hotels and delicious food;
  • More than 130 trails for cross-country skiing and snowboarding.


  • Few attractions;
  • Professionals are bored here.

According to tourists, the title of “queen” Cortina clearly does not live up to it. Yes, the scenery here is beautiful and the weather is always excellent, but the same can be said about most other ski resorts.

Paz de la Casa, Andorra – the resort with the highest cable car

Located on the border with France is a small town with 3,000 inhabitants, which annually receives skiers from all over the world. The tourist business here is well developed: there are hotels for all budgets, pistes of varying difficulty, spas with thermal water, restaurants, and other infrastructure.

In the stores you can buy any souvenirs and products at an affordable price, because Andorra – a duty-free state.

The resort of Paz itself is located in a convenient location – above the clouds, at a level of 1980 m. By cable car you can climb to a height of 2640 m. There is always clear weather and a moderately cool climate. The average temperature in winter is +3 ° C, and rises to +20 ° C in summer. The ski season is shorter than in other places and lasts from December to March.


  • Always good weather;
  • Average prices for everything;
  • Many entertainment centers;
  • Own ski school;
  • Spas with massages and water from local thermal springs;
  • 55 wide runs and 31 elevators.


  • Small elevation differences.

The resort staff is friendly, but newcomers should be careful – rooms and tours are better to book online, so as not to get ripped off two prices. By the way, each 3-star hotel here has its own ski school and offers relaxing spa treatments (swimming pool, jacuzzi, massage, Turkish bath, etc.).

Witsler, Canada – North America’s largest resort

The snow park is located at an altitude of 2200 m and offers 100 trails of any complexity, plus a variety of entertainment for children and adults. It is possible to ski here not only in winter but also in summer – from the glacier. However, it is not an easy task and can be managed only by professionals.

In addition to conventional skiing and snowboarding in Witsleur you can go cycling or have fun in the Family Adventure Park with its adventure playgrounds, trampolines and rope tows.

In the harshest weather in Witsleer the temperature can be as low as -15°C, and the average is around -5°C. The skiing area on the summit of the Witsleer is above sea level. The skiing area ranges in altitude from 653 to 2182 m, the longest slope is 11 km.


  • You can ski in both summer and winter;
  • Comfortable and spacious trails for skiers and snowboarders;
  • A lot of entertainment, more than 200 restaurants, bars and cafes;
  • Suitable for family vacations;
  • There is a rental snowmobile.


  • Only 16 elevators;
  • There are artificially snow-covered areas.

Canada is not that close, but if you are in the area, be sure to visit the resort of Witsler. In addition to skiing, you will be offered other no less interesting entertainment. There are a lot of inexpensive restaurants and cafes in town, and the young people really do appreciate the nightclubs there.

The best ski resorts of economy class

If you’re on a limited budget, you usually go skiing in the Russian mountains or the Ukrainian Carpathians. But there are also inexpensive foreign resorts, especially since it’s not far to get to them either.

Luosto, Finland – the fairytale of Lapland

The famous resort in Finland is loved by visitors for its quiet relaxation and harmony with nature. The slopes here are groomed and ideal for skiing and boarding (there are 94 km of pistes prepared for them), as well as for snowmobiling and sledding (250 km). In the local restaurants you can taste the national cuisine, try strong and soft drinks.

Luosto has a ski school for beginners. Other activities include ice fishing, an excursion to an amethyst stone mine, and an introduction to Lapland culture. At night, you can admire the polar lights and stroll through the town’s deserted streets.


  • Incredible beauty of the night sky and the polar lights;
  • 8 slopes, 2 of which are lit;
  • Snowboard Park;
  • High quality recreation;
  • Convenient location of cottages and hotels;
  • Ski school.


  • The altitude of the hills is only 490 m.

Luosto village has an outdoor amphitheater, cafes, bars, and restaurants (one of them is located directly on the mountain). For children and adults will be fun excursion to the amethyst mine, where you can get a “souvenir” for yourself.

Bohinj, Slovenia – resort with a natural ice rink

Two ski areas welcome tourists with 36 km of trails, the longest of which is 8.5 km. There are 9 ski elevators to get you to them. For cross-country skiing there are another 45 km of trails. The highest point of the peak is 634 meters, so the slopes are suitable for beginners. There is nothing for beginners.

But there is a natural skating rink for curling games, and in the evenings there are night clubs, bars and restaurants. For athletes and health advocates, Bohin has a separate gym and indoor pool.


  • Own ice rink on the lake;
  • Wide pistes for beginners;
  • The village has hotels, apartments and chalets for families;
  • Quiet atmosphere – ideal for seclusion or holidays with children;
  • There are sports centers and 2 ski schools.


  • Low altitude – professionals are not interested here.

Bohinj has never been famous for loud events and noisy parties. Calm and quiet reigns here, which is so loved by the older generation. However, every February there is a balloon festival.

Pamporovo, Bulgaria – ski resort with thermal springs

Because of the influence of the Aegean Sea in the area there is a mild climate – in winter the temperature does not drop below -7 ° C, and the average temperature is even -3 ° C. The snowfalls are abundant – in the winter falls up to 1.5 m of rainfall, although there are some nasty ones. Snowfalls are plentiful here – during the winter rainfall is up to 1.5 m, although there are also unpleasant surprises in the form of showers.

Tourists come to Pamporovo not only to conquer the almost 2-meter peak, but also to improve their health in sanatoriums and spa centers offering sulfur, radon and thermal baths.

The total length of the mountain routes is 17.5 km, plus separate routes for cross-country skiing with a total length of 25 km. There are 4 flat slopes for beginners, the professionals can enjoy the steep slopes with obstacles, and the snowboarders can enjoy the fan parks with jumps.


  • Lots of inexpensive hotels with a high level of service;
  • High mountains;
  • There are trails of all difficulties;
  • Fan Park for snowboarders;
  • Spas with wellness baths;
  • For evening recreation organized billiards and bowling;
  • Local taverns with national cuisine.


  • Vacation can be spoiled by bad weather;
  • Long transfer to Sofia;
  • At the beginning of the season there is little snow.

After a good ride in Pamporovo, it is worthwhile to walk through the local churches, visit museums and monasteries. In the springtime you can enjoy the pure Alpine air and take a walk in the surroundings with thermal springs.

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