Titan Raises $30M Funding from Automattic to Produce Next Gen Email Setup 2022


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Titan smbs series 300mraibloomberg: Titan, the email startup and winner of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015, announced today that they have raised $30 million in a funding round led by Automattic. The investment will enable Titan to construct an email setup that provides an easy-to-use interface on any device and makes email faster and easier than ever before.

“The way people use their phones is changing, which means the way we interact with our inboxes needs to change too.” said Dan Handman, founder of Titan. “We’re planning to build an inbox that’s simple and easy to use, which means we can finally build a product that’s easy for everyone.”

Titan has been in stealth mode for a year, but today is the beginning of our official launch. We’ve been quietly building the world’s most reliable email setup with our own technology and a small number of tech partners, while also building up our team every week. Now we’re ready to reveal all of Titan’s features and capabilities at once. Titan will be available for everyone to try on our website at titan.email .

To build a product that excited us, we set out to answer the question of how we could make email better. The more we explored, the more obvious it became that building a better inbox would require rethinking email from the ground up and breaking down the limitations of existing solutions. So far, the improvements we’ve made to Titan have been driven by our users who actually love using it. We’re committed to working with our users every step of the way. Our paid, invite-only beta program has been going for over a month and we’ve already gotten great feedback on the product.

“We’ve spent 10 years innovating into new products, but we’re getting more excited about building a product that lasts,” said Paul English, CEO of Titan. “Our goal is to build an email setup that will integrate into the way you live your life, which means our users won’t have to relearn email if they switch phones. We’re excited to announce the funding we’ve secured to build a better email setup, and the launch of our beta program.”

“Email has remained static for decades,” said Pascal Finette, partner at Automattic and one of Titan’s investors. “There’s an explosion of new devices and operating systems on the market that all use email as a core function. We want Titan to be a standard in this ecosystem.

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